10 Vegan Lunch Ideas.

I almost skipped lunch today. But then I reminded myself that there is one situation when I should never skip lunch: when I am hungry!

Get my ten vegan lunch ideas and pull off lunch..


Black Eyed Sweet Potato Sliders + La Jolla Cove

These Black Eyed Pea Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Sliders are a mini-spin on my Sweet Potato Avocado Veggie Burgers. They use the same base mixture of sweet potato mixed with a legume - but I've simplified the recipe even more and made these tasty burgers into petite vegan sliders. The earthy sweet black-eyed peas mesh deliciously with the creamy sweet baked sweet potato, accented with bold Cajun spices and a hint of nutritional yeast. Some thinly sliced red onion for bite and fluffy micro greens on top to complete the "tiny" theme.

Get this easy recipe - plus check out my La Jolla Cove Cali pics - cute sunbathing seals, seascapes and blue skies. So glad I was able to get in a mini road-trip this holiday weekend!..


Creamy Minted Fresh Pea Soup + Summer Fever.

This Creamy Minted Fresh English Pea Soup is a soul soothing bowl. Rustic texture, savory-sweet, mint-acented, fresh pea flavor - with nutty, peppery undertones. Totally creamy - yet totally soy free.

Dreamy & Greeny. I've blended steamed sweet spring peas with soaked raw almonds. This is an easy go-to recipe when you want something light and lovely - that makes you feel good. Vegan protein rich. You will need to soak some almonds ahead of time, but after you do that this can be made and served in mere minutes. Get my recipe and lets chat summer adventures!..


Frosted Blueberry Cake. Vegan slice of spring.

Oh blueberries, how I love them. Blueberry muffins. Blueberry pancakes. Blueberry smoothies. Blueberry anything sounds just heavenly to me.

Blueberry Cake.
I took a pack of organic, plump, sweet spring blueberries and made this Blueberry Cake. I love this recipe because it doesn't quite fit into a recipe category box. It is a hybrid. Blueberry muffin meets frosted cake meets hearty, grain-filled goodness. This cake is easily a dessert, tea cake, sweet treat breakfast nibble or afternoon snack.

The frosting is a simple virgin coconut oil-based blend. Silky, fluffy, decadent enough to rival any traditional "buttercream" frosting. There are blueberries baked into the cake - melting with their silky blue stain , mingling with oats, flax seeds and chopped nuts. And there are also fresh, raw berries on top. The more blueberries the better!..


Cashew Milk How-to

Question: Why in the world hasn't nut milk replaced dairy milk yet? It is so yummy!! And easy to make. And oh yes, the best part, it is cow-friendly. Lets take all the dairy cows and place them in wide open grassy fields and put some cashew-soaking, almond grinding nut milk factories in place of those dairy farms. Lets add in some soy, grain, coconut and rice milk factories too just in case you have nut allergies (but then this post probably isn't for you anyways.) I don't think the world would miss dairy milk at all. But that is just me.

Back to nut milks. They are amazing. Creamy, velvety, white .. swoon.. Here is a simple cashew milk recipe I love!..


Spinach Hummus Pitas, Sweet Potato. Easy Dinner!

Here is an easy dinner idea for your busy week ahead. My Spinach Hummus Pitas paired with a large baked and maple-mashed sweet potato. Served with a side of smoky baked tofu squares and pepper truffle shiitake mushrooms. Picnic-inspired. This recipe would make a wonderful eat-outside feast for spring/summer. Get my recipes (and a vegan dessert idea too!)..


Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits. Simple Vegan Recipe.

Homemade biscuits instantly infuse a little cozy, rustic, homestyle, warmth into a meal. My latest biscuit recipe: Vegan Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits - melty cheese and spicy jalapeno bits in every fluffy, steamy bite. Grace your dinner table with a platter of these oven-fresh biscuits, and smiles abound...


Aloha Salad with Tiki Tempeh.

Tiny umbrellas seemed like the perfect accent to this tropical getaway style salad. My Aloha Salad with Tiki Tempeh is filled with vibrant salad greens, crunchy chopped macadamia nuts, sweet, juicy pineapple and a few thin circles of sweet banana. My creamy vegan Avocado Pineapple salad dressing completes the dish. Top each salad bowl with a triangle of my Tiki Tempeh - smoky, sticky-sweet island fare.


Blackberry Walnut Oat Rolls with Coconut Frosting.

Light and fluffy berry-filled swirls are a spring-y change from a normally cinnamon-filled roll. These vegan Blackberry Walnut Oat Rolls with a cloud-like dollop of Coconut Buttercream Frosting on top, taste like a cross between a thick slice of sweet-tart blackberry pie, a moist oatmeal muffin and a frosting-topped cinnamon bun. I was actually kind of surprised that I didn't miss the cinnamon at all.


News to Share! 365 Smoothies..

I am feeling ecstatic that I have a bit of happy news to share with you all! Read ahead to hear about my exciting new adventure!


Video: What is Vegan Sugar? How to Easily Spot it!

Is my sugar vegan? What about white sugar? Powdered sugar? What about bone char? I should just avoid all white sugar when I am vegan. right?..

I want to make it simple for you! Yes you could research every single sugar company and figure out the "vegan" status - aka if they use bone char in the refining process. But there is a much easier way! I have a fast way to easily identify some of the vegan sugar out there. Watch my video to learn the trick! And this even includes powdered sugar - a staple ingredient in delicious vegan frostings. And Nelly the cat fans - she makes a (long) background cameo in the video too..


Lemon Jalapeño Asparagus Cashew Salad Sandwiches

Tofu salad sandwiches - like this one - are my vegan substitute for a classic "egg-salad" sandwich. Well now I have a soy-free alternative to tofu salad... Cashew salad sandwiches!

This fluffy, light Cashew Asparagus Lemon-Jalapeño mixture has a creamy, nutty, spicy flavor with a zesty fresh lemon pepper accent. This recipe is perfect for spring (asparagus season!) and can be used in a variety of ways. Dip it. Spread it. Dollop it. Or stuff it into pitas or wraps. Enjoy it raw with veggies, on salads and bread or add it to pizza or lasagna and bake as a "ricotta cheese" alternative. You can even bake in a dish for a cashew cheese dip.

But today I used it to make tiny tea sandwiches. Rustic. Easy. Totally perfect when paired with a tall glass of iced tea and eaten in an afternoon sunbeam. Get the recipe..


Rainbow Slaw with Sweet Tahini Dressing

This colorful, fresh and vibrant Rainbow Slaw was an unexpected, last-minute, use-what-is-in-my-fridge recipe. But I loved it so much I simply had to (make it again) and share it with you all! I've also included my favorite go-to Sweet Tahini Dressing (the one I often tweet about) - so grab your veggie grater and made this slaw! Only 200 calories per generous serving - and packed with nutrients - nutrition info follows recipe!..


Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up

Today's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-up via my posts over at Babble's Family Kitchen include .. Martha's secret green juice, veggies you should try raw, pizza party recipe round-up, blackberry lime pie, hemp milk in a flash and more. Start today and keep meatless going all week long!..


Tomato Basil Roasted Pepper Vegan Panini

Two things there are never enough of: hours in the day - and counter space in the kitchen.

Sorry waffle iron, ice cream machine and panini press, you guys are banned to the back of the cabinet shelf until I have use for you. My Vitamix, Nespresso, juicer and humble toaster own permanent spots. Lucky plug-ins. So when I crave a freshly grilled panini - I have to lug out my shiny, wide-bodied press. Not really fair when you take a look at what this simple machine (just plug and press!) can do to a few slices of bread and some sandwich toppings.

This vegan Tomato Basil Pepperjack Roasted Pepper Panini is one of my go-to favorites when I'm craving something in the "grilled cheese" family. It never disappoints...



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