39 Ways (And Recipes) to Have the Best Winter Ever!

So you survived the Apocalypse (again!) and now winter has officially swept its frosty fingertips across the sky, ushering in crisp arctic breezes, dancing snowflakes (maybe) and at least a few days where puffy warm scarves are a must. And now we all have no choice but to embrace this season of "Brrrrrrr!"

But guess what, that is nothing to fear at all. In fact this winter is going to be your BEST winter ever! Yup. All you have to do are a few things. Read on to get my 39 Ways to Have the Best Winter Season Ever!..

39 Ways to Have the Best Winter Ever!

1. First off you will need plenty of cozy things to wear...

2. Follow this advice and you can never go wrong. When in doubt: make a cup of cocoa.

And maybe try these Hot Cocoa + Marshmallow Swirl Buns.

3. Make a snow angel. (Or a sand angel?) Or just visualize making a snow angel if need be :)

4. Have a Mac 'n Cheeseless night. Or Shells 'n Cheez + Field Roast Spicy Sausage cubes. Enough said.

5. Go to your favorite coffee shop and get coffee TO STAY. Yes. In a glass mug. On a saucer. Maybe a silver spoon too. Drink it slowly. No cell allowed. You never know what you will discover in your to-stay mug..

6. Don't forget the fruit! Grab some winter citrus and whip up a sunny Fruit Salad like this one..

7. After the holidays pass, you will probably be feeling the wrath of eating too many of those amazing vegan Christmas Cookies .. so take a tip from Santa and blend up a green smoothie. Aka, Santa's Green Guzzler Juice. smoothies can get addictive so you might want more recipes: Salute to Green Smoothies.

8. Missing the holidays a bit? Make this festive (healthy-delicious) Christmas Tree Salad...

9. You MIGHT even want to try a Juice Cleanse. I did..

10. Then after all that green juice drinking and salad munching you will probably be craving a winter treat. This Peppermint Stick Shake, brownie-infused, should do the trick.

11. Saturday: stay in bed all day long. (You deserve it from busy holiday season you had!)

12. You will probably CRAVE some steamy, warm, comforting soup. This Spicy Sweet Potato Soup with diced avocado on top is easy to make in a flash.

Mushroom-lovers try No-Cream of Mushroom Soup.

13. Do something absolutely crazy-fun. Maybe a day of trapeze-ing. Inner-tube sledding. Snow Boarding. Hot yoga. Or try out that new cycling class. Just get your blood moving and your spirit soaring.

14. While the holidays ARE still here, go check out some twinkly lights.. (The Grove in LA)

15. Start your weekend off with a hot skillet of tofu scramble. Try Carrot Citrus Scramble or Truffled Tofu.

16. Find a sunbeam. Search high and low. And SOAK in it. Like this..

17. Show off how you can "veganize" just about anything by serving these low-brow bites at your next gathering: THESE...

Ditch the bowl of chips and make some Kale Chips. Trust me on this one.

19. Feeling kinda fancy? Or want to have a stay-at-home date night? Pop open a bottle of champagne and cheers with your favorite snuggle bunny as you whip up this Butternut Squash Sage Risotto with sliced almonds on top. I loooooove this recipe.

20. When a homemade banana bread craving hits. Make this Citrus Spice Tea-Infused Banana Bread...

21. Hang with friends. (Yes even YOU. The person who is perfectly happy staying at home.)

OK, even some furry friends can count....

22. Chilly day activity: watch some of your favorite movies! You will need some popcorn for this activity. Try these: Pumpkin Spice Popcorn or Coconut Chili Cinnamon.

23. Headed outside? Bundle up in some cruelty-free fashion a la Vaute Couture...

24. Winter needs salads too! This sizzling skillet, Spicy BBQ Butternut Squash, Vegan Chick'n Salad will satisfy. Inhale this cheerful bowl and load up on vitamins A and C, fiber and ptotein..

25. Do some yoga. Stretching. Deep breathing. (Or just lay on a yoga mat like Nelly. I guess...)

26. These Giant Pumpkin Pretzels are kind of a must try recipe..

27. Winter salad craving? Get all butternut-blissful with THIS..

28. Have a waffle-morning. These Apple-Cinna-Ginger Waffles are pretty awesome.

29. Feeling run down? -> ANTIOXIDANTS! Blend up this Raspberry Vitality Smoothie. Smoothies in winter: yes.

30. Bundle up in a sweatshirt and have a winter beach day. If you are geographically challenged to do this, just stare at this photo long enough and I promise you will start to smell that salty air and hear the waves crashing..

31. Drink some ZEN with my Mint Matcha Latte.

32. Pause for wellness! The Koi fishies, demand it.. (Some TIPS a la Golden Door Spa.)

33. You can never have too much soup in winter. This Roasted Vegetable Soup is super yummy..

34. Make THIS sandwich. Just because.

35. You know your favorite take-out spot? Get your meal TO-STAY for once. This is Veggie Grill... (It is amaze-balls to-go or to-stay, just for the record.)

36. Cozy up to a one-pot wonder meal: stew! Try this Snow Cap Bean Stew with quinoa and veggies.

37. Start your day with a warm bowl. Oatmeal never fails...

38. This also never fails: PEANUT BUTTER. Try these..

39. ..And now I can't stop thinking about peanut butter. So lets try some peanut butter and chocolate (in a warm mug.) Now THAT can make just about any winter day special..

From me to YOU: Have a yummy, cozy, wonderful winter season!

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