Spooky October Babble Round-Up.

All month long I've been blogging over at's Family Kitchen, sharing some spooky-fun vegan recipes for October. How does a Goblin Smoothie, Banana Zombie French Toast and Spooky Pizza Nachos sound? And for your post-trick-or-treating warm-up, grab a steamy mug of my Dark Chocolate Maple Cocoa. Check out all these vegan recipes and more in my October round-up!..

Here is my Spooky-Infused October Round-up from my posts over at's Family Kitchen.

* Bella's Red Raspberry Waffles - raspberry-stuffed. If vampire ate waffles this would be their breakfast :)

* Banana Zombie French Toast

* Spooky Pizza Nachos with melty vegan cheese and vegan pepperonis!

* Goblin Smoothie with banana flavors and green accents from either matcha, avocado or spinach.

* Dark Chocolate Maple Cocoa as warm and cozy as it sounds!

* No-Bake Coconut Pumpkin Pie. For coconut-lovers!

* Speculoos Pecan Maple Vegan Cheesecake

* Fall Squash Roast with sage and citrus flavors.

* Chocolate Banana Brain Boost Shake for kids (and adults!) Get your vegan omega-3 fatty acids.

* Nutrition: Is Pumpkin the Healthiest "Orange" Fall Food?

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Also check out all the spooky-fun recipes popping up on my other site!

And of course you can make your own vegan Halloween treats this month!..

Homemade Halloween Candy "Bar" How-to

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