Spicy Sauté Sandwich. Fuss-Free Lunch.

This Spicy Sauté Sandwich is a fast, fuss-free, vegan lunch to crave. Salsa-sauteed peppers and onions - all caramelized and delicious - spin with some veggie protein and fresh parsley. All sitting atop some warm hummus-slathered toasted bread. This spicy, comfort food sandwich will give your day a boost of flavor, warmth and red hot spice-appeal! Easy to crave this quick fix bite..

Served open-faced. Less bread, more toppings! (You could also serve in a pita - to stuff in lots of the toppings.)

I think this lemonade frosty would pair perfectly with this recipe..

Lunch is (quickly) served..

Quick Fix Comfort Food. I whipped this up for lunch last week and was swooning over the flavors. The recipe has a home-cooked (warm) feel to it, yet it uses pre-made ingredients like salsa and hummus for quick fix preparation.

A quick saute (and actually turning on the stove) makes this easy recipe feel super special. Hot sandwiches can feel so much cozier than cold ones.

The hot-from-the-skillet, sizzling-saute goodies..

Flavors. Spicy, sizzling onions and peppers merge with spicy salsa flavors and some sliced vegan "spicy Boca chick'n patties." -- you can use the same or your own "vegan protein" ingredient..

Other vegan protein options:
* tofu
* tempeh
* lentils or hashed beans for a loose 'sloppy' sort of sauté
* any veggie burger (sliced into strips - or crumble a homemade veggie burger into the pan)
* vegan sausage (Field Roast or Tofurky) or vegan Gardein product (your fave flavor)

So really, this recipe is EASY and so delicious. When your are craving a hot sandwich with a warm, spicy, protein-rich kick - make this!..

Spicy Sauté Sandwich
vegan, serves 1 (note: pictures show just one 'half' of the sandwich)

1 vegan spicy Boca chick'n burger (or another option from above)
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 small sweet onion, sliced into rings
1/4 cup salsa (I used a roasted tomato salsa - medium in heat. But any variety will work)
a few sprinkles of nutritional yeast (optional)
fine black pepper

2-3 Tbsp garlic hummus (pre-made or make your own, recipe below)

1 skinny bun, toasted (or any fave bread - sprouted grain toast would be nice too)

garnish: fresh parsley + side of tahini or hummus


Lets do this quickie lunch!..

1. So, the home-cooked part comes from turning on the stove. Click, click, click. Blue flame! Or for those of you with electric, one click to fire up the heat.

2. Prep those veggies, and pull out your hummus, bread and veggie protein. If using a frozen item like my vegan chick'n patty, thaw a tad - just enough to slice into strips.

3. Toss a saute pan on the heat and add a splash of oil. I used EVOO, but any veggie oil will work.

4. Toss in the onions and pepper and black pepper + optional nutritional yeast. Saute for a few minutes until everything starts to smell amazing and the edges get all caramelized and blackened.

5. Not reduce the heat to low and pour in the salsa. Once you have poured, you can turn the heat back up to high and saute for another minute until the veggies absorb the salsa and the excess moisture cooks off.

6. Now scooch your veggies over to one side of your pan and toss in your veggie protein (strips for me.) Heat through. Add another splash of salsa and saute. If you are using an unseasoned ingredient like beans or tofu or tempeh, add in more salsa to flavor. You may want to add a splash more oil too. Salt and pepper and nooch to taste.

7. Toast bread and spread the hummus.

8. Plate the bread and pile those veggies and protein strips on top. Garnish with some freshly chopped parsley and fresh black pepper. Serve with extra hummus, tahini sauce and/or fruit if you'd like.

Want to Make your own hummus? Try these..
* Creamy Garlic Tomato Hummus
* Summer Thyme Hummus
* Sweet Potato Hummus (pictured above)

Also check out this post for some salt + pepper triangles that would make a nice "Boca" substitute - and also a green smoothie that would pair nicely with this spicy saute sandwich!

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