Snow Cap Bean Stew. Quinoa. Veggies. Herbs.

This Snow Cap Bean Stew is hearty and comforting with its silky tomato broth - a hint of spiciness - tender quinoa, fragrant herbs and plenty of chunky veggies in each warm, delicious spoonful. Packed with nutrients and plenty of protein, fiber and antioxidants - this is a one-bowl-wonder meal. Serve with some crusty bread - warm and crispy from the oven - and dinner is done. (And leftover bliss is even better!)

And you don't have to use snow cap heirloom beans like I did - but if you can find them, they are quite a treat!..


Cheezy Kale Chips. Saturday snacking.

Have you ever tried to eat just one kale chip? I can't do it. For me, not possible. One potato chip I can totally manage. But one flaky, crispy, light, savory kale chip and I kinda have to snatch up another one. And another. And before I know it the bowl or bag or tray is gone. Nothing but a few flaky bits of green that I then proceed to pinch up with my fingertips like the Cookie Monster nibbling up cookie crumbs.

But the best part about devouring kale chips ... it is super easy to make some more. My Super Cheezy Kale Chips recipe.


BBQ Hasselback Tofu

You've heard of Hasselback Potatoes. Well, what about Hasselback Tofu? BBQ style..

This simple idea turns a boring block of tofu into a tasty (super easy) flavorful (protein-rich) BBQ-tastic (crowd, husband and kid-approved) vegan centerpiece dish.

Sticky sweet and spicy BBQ sauce coats each fluffy fanned edge of thinly sliced tofu. This easy idea is one that every tofu lover should try!..


Coconut Oil Popcorn: Chili Cinnamon. Spicy Sweet.

If you are a popcorn lover like me, give virgin coconut oil a try as the 'popping oil' base - it is my favorite way to make it.

This Coconut Oil Popcorn is salty-meets-sweet-meets-spicy. Cinnamon and chili flavored. So simple to make, just grab some virgin coconut oil, your favorite organic popping corn, some warm, amazing spices and toss.

The aroma of this cozy bowl will fill the house with “maybe we should have a movie night just as an excuse to make more of this stuff” bliss. Get the recipe..


Bouchon Carrot Muffins. Veganized. Splurge-y.

A review for you today.. These Bouchon Carrot Muffins bake up extremely moist and delicious. Spices mingling with bright orange strands of organic carrot, crumbly, oat-y bits on top. I happily veganized the add-in ingredients for this muffin mix - with great success. But was this product worth the hefty Williams & Sonoma price tag?

If you are craving some splurge-y, easy, bakery-quality muffins (at home) - this post is for you!...


Pineapple Jerk Veggie Burgers + Sassy Sides!

These Pineapple Jerk Veggie Burgers are infused with some amazing sassy sweet, tropical flavors. Lively lemon, perky-sweet pineapple, rich tahini, cozy sweet potatoes, creamy white beans and spicy, alluring Jerk spice - a mix of ginger, garlic, allspice, brown sugar, sweet chili and more.

Side of some quickie Cajun Sweet Potato Fries and a Tropical Cool Cucumber Pineapple Salsa. This was a last minute meal that went terribly right..


Peanut Butter Blondie Cake Bars. 3 Flavors.

I often find it hard to make up my mind when it comes to food. I think these fluffy, moist, eclectically-flavored Peanut Butter Blondie Cake Bars showcase my indecisiveness pretty well. And the secret ingredient is pretty interesting too...


Green Island Fritters over Rice + Verde Guacamole

These Green Island Fritters merge creamy, exotic coconut milk with green spinach and rustic beans. A hint of nutritional yeast, agave and a dusting of crispy Panko bread crumbs.

These toasty fritter cakes are served warm, over top some nutty brown rice (quinoa would be nice too) and cool verde guacamole. This cozy meal-in-a-bowl is an elegant, yet low-brow mingling of spicy meets cool - simple meets bold - healthy meets hearty. This bowl would be a fab summer meal since it is a no-oven-required recipe..


How I Eat Vegan. (And you can too.)

I wasn't always good at this. The whole healthy vegan eating thing. In fact, to be blunt, I sucked. And not in a fast food, snack foods sort of way. But rather a hey!-which-new-wacky-diet-should-I-try-next way. It took me years to figure out how to truly eat in a way that helped me thrive from the inside out.

Going vegan was a big part of that process for me. But on the flip side, "going vegan" was one of the greatest lifestyle challenges I had ever faced. This was not a trendy 30-day diet plan. This was a forever thing. A, this doesn't just change what is on my plate sort of thing - but a this-changes-my-soul-and-spirit sort of thing.

When it came strictly to my diet. My plate. My meals. Everything I though I had worked so hard (since childhood) to figure out and perfect was flipped upside down and inside out. A new learning process began. And that process never ends.

So in today's post, I answer one of your most-asked questions: How I eat. This post has three parts: 1) On Being Vegan. 2) What I eat on a typical weekday. 3) Rules I Don't Follow.

OH! And for taking the time to read my long post I'll even reward you with a look at my smoothies book cover! Exciting!!!

Take a peek inside my day of eating + habits tips + recipe ideas..


Shredded Carrot Salad Duo. His & Hers.

HIS & HERS, carrot salads. If only everything in life was so easily accommodated.

He likes it spicy. Cayenne. Roasted cashews. EVOO. Extra tahini.
She likes it sweet, and sassy. Raisins. Extra lemon. Extra green. Plush hemp seeds.

This duo of carrot salads fits into my life quite nicely. The recipes are similar, but with a few subtle modifications I can customize each recipe to suit different tastes.

Try one or serve up both. Plate with some buttery avocado slices and fresh lemon for a super summer platter to brighten any dinner or lunch table...


Vegan Inspiration: August Recipe Round-Up!

In case you missed them, I've been blogging vegan recipes + tips all month long over at's Family Kitchen blog. And some amazing vegan bloggers have been submitting their posts to my other site!

Vegan Inspiration Galore. Check out the recipes you may have missed this month. This round-up is perfect for some Meatless Monday inspiration!..


Fresh Fig Bars for Summer.

These soft and spongy, summertime-inspired Fresh Fig Bars are my spin on a "fig bar" treat. This recipe is fig-bar-meets-muffin-top-meets-morning-oatmeal. Vanilla, spice, maple flavors with a hint of citrus, walnut, coconut and banana. Plenty of candy-sweet fig flavor in there too. Delicious enough for dessert yet healthy enough to fuel your day...


Tomato Tofu "Feta" Open-Face Sandwich

I love a challenge. So when I saw the Bon Appetit Magazine "Cook the Cover" Photo Challenge laid out with a beautiful slice of tomato + feta + herb topped toast - I was craving to verganize this rustic, open-faced, summer sandwich and snap my own pics to submit to their challenge.

As you can see from Bon Appetit's recipe - those hunky slabs of white feta were really the only component that I needed to veganize. And since I'm a huge fan of tofu-feta - like the cubes I used in my Watermelon Basil Tofu Feta Salad - I knew exactly what to do.

Then I threw in a few ultra juicy, fire engine red, farmer's market tomatoes and some spicy summer greens and my simple slice of grain toast is made all fancy in a flash. Get my vegan tomato toast recipe - inspired by Bon Appetit's cover..


Lemon Pepper Summer Bagels

Summer has gotten sticky. And lighter, no-cook meals are welcome in my vegan kitchen.

These Lemon Pepper Summer Bagels make a perfect no-cook meal. Sunny flavors and cheery colors. Toasted bagels (or whatever bread-like vessel you'd prefer) are slathered in my homemade lemon-pepper creamy "nut cheese" spread. Then topped with farmer's market delights like juicy tomatoes and edible flower petals..


S&P Tofu Triangle Bites + Citrus Green Smoothie

I'm sharing two go-to vegan recipes for you today because I think everyone should have a trusty tofu and green smoothie recipe stowed away in their cooking back pocket. These are two of my favorites.

A protein-packed platter of simple Salt and Pepper Tofu Triangles and a super sunny citrus-infused glass of green smoothie. Protein and greens - sounds good to me!..


Spicy-Peanut Portobello Kale Rice Bowl.

I'm on a spicy peanut rice bowl kick lately. First it was my Spicy Peanut Tofu Rice + Avocado Twirl Salad and now a more rustic dish using earthy portobello mushrooms, my spicy peanut kale salad, a crunchy garnish of roasted peanuts and fragrant cilantro on top. This Spicy-Peanut Portobello Kale Rice Bowl is a one-bowl-wonder meal to curl up to..


Smoothie Monday: Ripe Raspberry + My Wknd

It was a hot, sticky weekend here in sunny Los Angeles. And that meant plenty of smoothies to be blended and sipped.

This Hottie Pink Ripe Raspberry smoothie made from fresh farmer's market berries was a treat this weekend. Smoothie recipes + my weekend in review!..


A Look Back: Veggie Girl Power Interviews.

Feeling the wrath of a summer Friday, I didn't feel very ambitious to dive into work today. So after a cool morning smoothie I grabbed my iPad and lounged in the sun for a few minutes that turned into hours...

VGPower. I found myself lost (for once) in my own website - re-reading the inspiring array of Veggie Girl Power interviews I have posted over the past three years. Tips, stories, hilarious quotes, advice and favorite recipes and products from some of my favorite people / veggie ladies. Marilu, Rory, Chloe Jo, Sarma, Portia, Heather, Kathy, Colleen, Isa and on and on.

These ladies have so much encouragement, life and fun to share with the world. Vegan or not. So if you are up for some weekend reading - do what I did - re-read (or discover for the first time) - a few of my interviews! And ps - I'm already planning my VGP Series 2012 (November) so if you have a special veggie girl you would LOVE to see featured - leave your tip in the comments..