Yonanas! Treat Machine Recipes

This was fun. Really fun actually. Or should I say.. totally Yonanas.

I'm a hardcore Vitamix girl, and often make frozen banana shakes - so did I really need a (much buzzed about) Yonanas treat machine too?

Well when my friends at Dole Bananas asked me if I wanted to take a Yonanas machine for a spin and giveaway one machine to a lucky reader, I couldn't resist my curiosity. I had to indulge my long time love affair with all things soft serve.
Vegan fro-yo, eat your heart out..

Ahead, my Yonanas recipes - PB&J Swirl + Chocolate Swirl + enter to win!..

Yup. This decadent vegan soft serve is made using simple, healthy, frozen bananas..

PB&J Swirl made with peanut butter + raspberries..

The banana base is soy free. Dairy free. Pretty much fat free.

S p o o n D i v e ... into these delicious messes....

GIVEAWAY! Recipes below but first things first, enter to win - one winner. note: If the winner does not respond in 14 days I will choose a new winner. USA only.

What is Yonanas? It takes simple frozen bananas and swirls them into tasty soft serve. Can't wait? Buy Yonanas from

I Love Bananas. Dole says bananas are "nature's original energy bar" -> Dole's website. Some awesome info on one of my fave foods - like this:

"Bananas provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life, such as vitamin B6 for development of neurotransmitters during growth and maintenance of normal brain function." - Dole Nutrition

1. PB&J Swirl
2. Chocolate Banana Swirl Almond Sundae

PB&J Swirl
2 frozen bananas
3/4 cup frozen raspberries
1 tsp peanut butter

Directions: Add the first banana, then the peanut butter. Then the second banana. Then the raspberries. Push out soft serve. Note: I actually don't think you are "supposed" to add nuts or nut butter because it can make the mixture super thick and hard to press out. So I kinda broke the instruction guide rules. Oops. But I tried with soft peanut butter and it worked just fine. Use room temperature pb or slightly warm it in microwave to ease the churning.

I ate this creation for lunch.. totally worked..

Chocolate Banana Swirl Almond Sundae
2 frozen bananas
1 tsp raw cacao powder
swirl of soy whipped cream
drizzle of vegan chocolate sauce
1 Tbsp sliced almonds

Directions: Turn on the Yonanas machine and add one banana. Then add in the cocoa powder. Then add in the second banana. Press out. Add the toppings and serve.

Dive into this healthy treat. Guilt free. Totally breakfast, snack or lunch approved..

Yonanas Machine Tips:
* Allow your bananas to thaw a bit before churning into soft serve.
* Freeze your bananas when they are super ripe - the Yonanas folks calls the look "Cheetah Spots" on the peel.
* Use muscle power! You DO have to press pretty hard to extract all that frozen bananas deliciousness.
* Video on how to use the Yonanas machine here via

NOTE: Thanks to Dole for contributing the giveaway prize. This was not a sponsored post.

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