Spicy Peanut Tofu Rice Salad + Twirl of Avocado

This Spicy Peanut Tofu Rice Salad + Twirl of Avocado is a rockstar salad - easy to whip up in a flash for lunch or dinner. The spicy peanut flavors that infuse the dressing and tofu are bold and cravable. The vibrant green twirl of creamy, buttery avocado slices compliment the rustic, nutty brown rice and protein-rich chilled tofu cubes doused in the bold peanut sauce. A fluffy bed of mixed spring greens lays the foundation to this sassy meets elegant salad feast.

Craving spicy peanut sauce flavors? This salad is one to try..


Fresh Squeezed Citrus Margarita. Frosty Bliss.

Serve up some fresh squeezed flavor - blended into an icy, arctic, frozen swirl of margarita bliss. Serve alongside some homemade guacamole and warmed corn tortillas + spicy salsa for a perfect summer evening spread. Add a Mexican entree to make it a meal - (recipe suggestions + links ahead.) You can even enjoy this frosty blend without the alcohol - virgin style - as a cool refreshing smoothie. Fresh Squeezed Citrus Margarita recipe + pairings..


My Teal Kitties are Here!

My Teal Cat Project teal kitties have arrived!..


Cashew Cheese + Kale Enchiladas Rojas

Fact: Enchiladas are usually better the second day. A la leftovers. Yes?

But I can attest that these Cashew Cheese + Kale Stuffed Enchiladas Rojas were pretty darn delicious on all three days that I enjoyed them for dinner.

This Mexican-fiesta recipe was a pivot off my Mexi-Chopp Salad. Add a side of homemade party guacamole and a pink Watermelon Frosty and your fiesta dinner is complete. Dive in mis amigos. Recipe ahead + my 6th-wedding-anniv wknd adventures!..


My Mexi-Chopp Salad!

My Mexi-Chopp Salad is a cross between a cube-infused Cobb Salad and a Mexican Tostada .. sans the fried tortilla shell. It is a sort of Mexican Chopped Salad. This fun recipe is a feast for your eyes as colorful components line up across a delicate bed of blanched green kale - tossed in a zesty lime-agave dressing.

Cubed delight..
Tender sweet cubes of sweet potato fall beside cubed avocado and smoky lime-chipotle tofu cubes. Creamy, olive-dotted, cashew "sour cream" finishes the row. The fiesta-inspired kale salad is brimming with healthy-delicious flavor (and nutrients!). My cheezy-tastic tagline for this dish: "This salad has some serious CUBE appeal." ha. ha. :) ...


Yonanas! Treat Machine Recipes

This was fun. Really fun actually. Or should I say.. totally Yonanas.

I'm a hardcore Vitamix girl, and often make frozen banana shakes - so did I really need a (much buzzed about) Yonanas treat machine too?

Well when my friends at Dole Bananas asked me if I wanted to take a Yonanas machine for a spin and giveaway one machine to a lucky reader, I couldn't resist my curiosity. I had to indulge my long time love affair with all things soft serve.
Vegan fro-yo, eat your heart out..

Ahead, my Yonanas recipes - PB&J Swirl + Chocolate Swirl + enter to win!..


Shakes! Matcha or Cashew Ripple Strawberry. Weekend Ready.

Cool, nice, frosty, cute Friday-type things are on my mind this sunny day as we head into the weekend. Watching (and photographing) my kitty cat roll and tumble in a glossy beam of sunlight spread out over the hardwood floor was just about as serious as my mood wanted to get this morning. So I think today's whimsical post should match my content and daydream drifting mood.

I hope you have some excellent weekend plans or at least something to catch your breath and make you pause to inhale the sunscreen, coconut butter, watermelon-scented bliss that is summertime.

To inspire a cool down of sorts, here is my latest frosty creation .. Cashew Ripple Strawberry Shake + another look at my favorite smoothie of right now. It's green. Can you guess it? You probably can since I won't shut up about it :) .. Oh, and I'll share those kitty cat photos that delightfully distracted me all morning..


Meatless Monday Round-Up + support!

I know, I know. It is Friday. But I am posting next week's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up a tad early this week to convey my support for the movement - which this week has been ridiculously thrashed and bashed by the food bullies known as the USDA. And this week my MM round-up is super-sized..


That's a Wrap! Peach Basil Avocado Balsamic + Green Cashew Banana.

Summer infuses my menu with seasonal favorites. Two of them: peaches and wraps...

These summer wraps (two recipes to share) started as snacks. The first: Peach Basil Avocado Skewers with a tangy sweet balsamic dressing. The second, a simple spread of avocado, banana, cashew butter and crackers.

But the extra large spinach-speckled sandwich wraps in my fridge were just begging to be stuffed, so I turned snack time into wrap time. The summer-y sweet lunchtime-approved results ahead...


Peach Pie Oatmeal After a Busy LA Weekend.

It was a foggy morning, as I slowly savored my warm and rustic Peach Pie Oatmeal. Amber-colored maple syrup drizzled over top rustic rolled oats - mingling with silky plump chia seeds, sweet banana slices and a mountain of cinnamon-and-citrus tossed farmer's market peaches and nectarines. Vanilla accents and creamy soy milk circling the edges of the bowl. This was the perfect Monday morning escape to start a happy, calm day after a crazy busy weekend of showing my in-laws around LA.

Matching my mood, as I finished my peach pie oats, the dusty sky suddenly made way for brilliant stemming streaks of clear morning sunshine. And the puffy grey "beach clouds" (as I heard the weather man once call them) rolled away to make room for a sea of cornflower blue sky.

Peach pie oats, a blue sky Monday and my tour-guide-Kathy weekend..


Company Cookies.

These moist and chewy Cinnamon Spice Orange Zest Company Cookies are quite a treat for you and your guests. Plus baking these cheerful cookies makes the whole house smell like a cozy, warm hug. Expecting summer guests or simply want to make your house ooze with comfort? Make these cookies and show everyone who nibbles them that you are glad they came...


Sweet Potatoes. Baked. Stuffed. Over-Stuffed.

Sweet potatoes are pure bliss to me. Straight from the oven - all steamy, sticky and sweet - I'll gladly eat them as simple as can be.

Glam it Up. However, a plain sweet potato doesn't really count as a "meal" - so it usually gets served alongside other meal-type things like leafy salads, hearty veggies, tempeh, tofu, beans, grains. But what if instead of giving it side dish status, we made the potato the centerpiece of mealtime?..

Time to give the luscious baked sweet potato the treatment it deserves..

Sweet Potatoes. Baked. Stuffed. And over-stuffed.

Two recipes for you: Skinny Style. And Fully Loaded Style. So pop a sweet potato in the oven and stuff it in a flash!..


Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up 7/9

Today's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-up via my posts over at Babble's Family Kitchen include .. 'wacky' banana hot dogs, a strawberry split, easy kale sweet potato soup, banana split-dillas and more. Start today and keep meatless going all week long!..


Strawberries + Avocado: Pink Heart Salad.

I recently fell in love with the combination of avocado and strawberries. These two popular ingredients - easy to enjoy on their own - pair quite deliciously together. The bright, perky-sweet flavor of juicy berries bouncing off the cool, tender, oily flesh of the green avocado. I have paired the two in pitas, over top garlic hummus-spread toast, and over top salads. Today I feature them in a salad I obviously really LOVE...


Kale Avocado Wraps w/ Spicy Miso-Dipped Tempeh.

This recipe post is like a 3-in-1 bonanza of deliciousness. First up, my raw kale salad + easy white miso dressing. Then my miso-dipped chipotle tempeh logs, Then finally, my recipe for Tempeh-Kale-Avocado Wraps - which merges all the vegan yum into one bite. I used sprouted grain tortillas - which were surprisingly easy to handle even though they were not my usual extra large wrap size - warming them makes them pliable and easy to shape and seal.

This feast was our make-ahead Sunday dinner and even my husband who usually prefers more 'crunchy' style salads - was loving the chilled, marinated raw kale. And the chipotle-spicy tempeh wraps were hearty yet light - perfect for summertime eating.

The best part is that I was able to make this meal in advance (Sunday morning) - so dinner was as easy as pulling dishes from the fridge! The kale salad + tempeh would also be delish in a jar. Yup, it has been a while since I have posted a tempeh wrap (one of my fave things) here we go. Get my recipes!..