Video: What is Vegan Sugar? How to Easily Spot it!

Is my sugar vegan? What about white sugar? Powdered sugar? What about bone char? I should just avoid all white sugar when I am vegan. right?..

I want to make it simple for you! Yes you could research every single sugar company and figure out the "vegan" status - aka if they use bone char in the refining process. But there is a much easier way! I have a fast way to easily identify some of the vegan sugar out there. Watch my video to learn the trick! And this even includes powdered sugar - a staple ingredient in delicious vegan frostings. And Nelly the cat fans - she makes a (long) background cameo in the video too..

*note: increase video quality if needed

Thanks to for the info on vegan sugar. Learn more -> VRG "Is Your Sugar Vegan?"

If you have any vegan sugar tips or info to add please leave them in the comments!

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