Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up

Today's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-up via my posts over at Babble's Family Kitchen include .. Martha's secret green juice, veggies you should try raw, pizza party recipe round-up, blackberry lime pie, hemp milk in a flash and more. Start today and keep meatless going all week long!..

Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up - 5/14/12

* 7 Creative Ways to Serve Fruit
These seven recipes will spruce up how you serve healthy-delicious fruit.

* Vegan Pizza Party!
Try these vegan pizza recipes - something for everyone!

* Warm Chipotle Maple Asparagus Corn Salad
Amazingly yummy spring side dish.

* Talking to kids about Where Food Comes From
How do I talk to kids about being vegan? This is a discussion that everyone can get in on.

* Martha's Secret Green Juice
Martha's secret green juice recipe is OUT!! Well, because she told us..

* Calming Chamomile Tea
Seeking some quiet from the storm? Turn to chamomile - one of my favorite chill-out ingredients.

* Blackberry Lime Pie
Vegan blackberry pie meets zesty lime flavors.

* Homemade Hemp Milk
Make hemp milk from hemp seeds - in a flash!

* 7 Veggies you can try Raw!
You may usually cook these 7 veggies - but you can deliciously enjoy them RAW! Link to my friend Gena's RAW brussel sprout salad recipe in the slideshow. Yum!

* Vegan Mexican Recipe Round-Up!
11 delicious vegan Mex recipes gathered from Cinco de Mayo. But if you are like me, you will want to enjoy Mexican food much more than once a year!

* Go-To Dressings - Sweet Tahini - Citrus Avocado
Try these amazing dressings for instant salad deliciousness.

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About my Meatless Monday round-ups: Every other week (or so) I link to my recent posts over at so that you don't miss out on any of my recipes. These round-ups are a great way to find inspiration for a Meatless Monday.

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