Vegan California Club Sandwich.

This tall stacked Vegan California Club Sandwich is filled with vibrant, flavorful, healthy ingredients. I've added a few predictable "club" ingredients like three slices of toasted bread, tomato, tempeh "bacon" and creamy vegan mayo - plus a few curve ball ingredients as well. Like juicy sumo tangerine slices and perky sauerkraut.

Step inside my club sandwich kitchen and create your own lunchtime masterpiece.

I adore Club Sandwiches. They are the perfect sunny afternoon lunch. And building club sandwiches reminds me of the simple joy of *building things* - like stacking blocks as a kid. Or building sand castles at the beach. Only this creation is edible. I get to stack toppings - as high as I wish.

If I dream it, I can build it. And that phrase applies to more than just club sandwiches. Takeaway life lesson built into lunch :)

I like plenty of hydrating, juicy ingredients to combat that plentiful amounts of toasted bread. Tomato, avocado and citrus..

tempeh bacon. smoky, warm and crisp from the skillet1.

Freshly toasted Rudi's organic bread (a la giveaway)..

Thick, juicy Sumo Tangerines. I love citrus on sandwiches! If you take one tip away from this recipe post - try citrus slices on a sandwich! Just make sure the citrus is seedless...

Kathy's California Club Sandwich

I think you all know how to stack a sandwich - so I'll just give you the ingredients I used and let you go to work in the kitchen!..

Toasted Light Rye Bread
Sumo Tangerine slices (a juicy, sweet variety of citrus - tastes like a giant satsuma)
vegan tempeh bacon (you can buy pre-flavored tempeh bacon or make your own with my recipe)
spicy brown mustard
sliced tomato
missing but loved: sprouts!

That's my club! What do you like to stuff in your club???


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