Sprout-Lovers' Sandwich. Vegan Lunch.

Sprouts. Crunchy, zesty, cool, crisp, perky green sprouts. There was a time when no vegetarian, natural food store, hippie-chic cafe or vegan sandwich was complete without a poofy mound of lovable sprouts. So this sandwich is for all my fellow sprout lovers out there.

This Sunny Citrus Sprout Sandwich is layered with spicy German mustard, rounds of red onion, plentiful strips of crisp, smoky tempeh bacon, some pink and red citrus (to put my own unique sweet spin on things) and of course - sprouts. And some sprouted raw pepitas. I found these sprouts and the seeds at my local farmer's market. Super fresh and happiness-inducing. Build this sprout sandwich and have a happy, crunchy, tree-hugging, blue sky kind of day..

The Inspirations (aka ingredients) for my Sunny Citrus Sprout Sandwich:

* Penzey's Spices fine black pepper and 'sandwich sprinkle'
* red onion
* rustic spicy German yellow mustard
* Vegenaise (always)
* farmer's market sprouts and sprouted pepitas
* farmer's market whole wheat sourdough, toasted
* blood oranges and juicy pink grapefruit
* tempeh bacon (buy pre-marinated or use my recipe)
* ingredient I forgot to add -> avocado!

And the sandwich comes to life...

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