Smoky Maple Homemade Seitan Sandwich. Stacked.

Chomp into this tall stacked, bold and totally vegan sandwich. My Smoky Maple Seitan Sandwich has thick, juicy layers of homemade peppery mushroom-speckled seitan - sauteed in a splash of liquid smoke, maple syrup and zesty black pepper. The seitan is stacked tall on top of rustic multi grain toast. Add some spicy Dijon, chipotle-infused Vegenaise, sliced red onion, tender avocado and crisp romaine. Slice and serve for total sandwich satisfaction. Share this recipe with all your meat-eater friends and entice them to try vegan!..

I'm on a nice hearty sandwich recipe kick right now. My Sweet Potato Veggie Burger was a huge success. It actually booted my Watermelon Frosty for the top spot of most popular recipe of all time on my blog. Very exciting to hear all about how you guys made, enjoyed and changed up that recipe. I have made those burgers a few times since posting too - so addictive and easy!

So I've been working hard to find a new way to satisfy my sandwich craving (all while Nelly slept. And daydreamed of sunbeam rolls..)

So I present to you my stacked Seitan Sandwich..

It has been a while since I've made homemade seitan. But I am so glad I recently bought a box of vital wheat gluten and dove into this fun kitchen project fist first .. because making seitan in kind of like making bread. Only the "dough" you knead is much less delicate and really has some muscle and body to it. Those glutens fight back!

I like to steam then bake my seitan so the thick, high gluten dough puffs up into airy, fluffy, spongy seitan. Fit to slice, slather in sauce, saute or skewer. And making seitan is actually pretty easy..

Learn all about how to make seitan here.

seitan log, freshly unwrapped from foil packet..

sliced seitan after saute..

And once you've mastered the recipe shown in the link above, you can easily whip up my sandwich. Recipe below. Enjoy!!

Smoky Maple Seitan Sandwich
vegan, makes one sandwich

smoky maple pepper mushroom seitan:
4 slices pepper mushroom seitan, about 1/2 inch thick
1 tsp liquid smoke (splash in drops over seitan)
1-3 tsp maple syrup, grade B is my fave
fine black pepper to taste
salt to taste if needed - or add a splash of tamari
for saute: 1-4 tsp safflower or olive oil

To Cook Seitan: Saute Seitan in olive oil. Add the maple and liquid smoke during saute. Add fine pepper to taste. Saute for about 2 minutes on each side until seitan is heated through and crispy browned edges form. Cool for a few minutes before piling onto sandwich.

For sandwich:
seitan (above)
2 slices multi grain bread, toasted
2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp Vegenaise + 1 tsp chipotle hot sauce (whip together - I use Cholula brand)
3 leaves romaine
2 thin red onion slices
3 thin slices avocado
2-3 pickles (optional - I used bread and butter pickles)
fine pepper to taste


Toast bread. Slather one slice in Dijon and the other in chipotle-infused Vegenaise.
Stack seitan on top.
Add onion, romaine, avocado, pepper and pickles.
Close sandwich. Slice and serve.

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