Quickie Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream at Home.

Creamy vanilla coconut ice cream swirls and twists with tender cubes of vegan cookie dough. Sweet, melty and creamy, just like you remember it.

It is easy to whip up vegan cookie dough ice cream using a few products from the store. Really, this recipe couldn't get any easier. But I had to make it to satisfy a craving. The kind of craving where I saw something and said "I have to have that!" A photo, a smell, a story - all these things can set off a craving. Here's how I easily satisfied mine..

Get my quickie recipe for Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (and FYI, this is not a 'from scratch' recipe. This is a quickie!)..

The Craving. It has become a favorite ritual to head over to our corner frozen yogurt shop. There is always at least one dairy/vegan flavor. Last week during a fro-yo visit I noticed the girl in front of me ordering a vanilla bean frozen yogurt with cookie dough topping. Velvet white yogurt was swirled sky high and dotted with bouncy balls of fresh cookie dough. Not vegan. But I gawked. I may have even drooled a little. Well no worries. A few days later I easily satisfied that cookie dough ice cream craving.

Making homemade vegan cookie dough ice cream is quite easy. Sure, you can make the ice cream from scratch if you'd like. But I prefer on occasion to just grab a pint of one of my favorite vegan brands, Vanilla Bean scented flavors are my favorite for this recipe. Try Larry and Luna's Coconut Bliss for a totally decadent treat. Soy, coconut, rice or almond milk ice creams will work.

Same goes for the dough. I always seem to have leftover cookie dough in my fridge or freezer. So this is a perfect use for it. I used a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough. Delicious! And if you have Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough available at your Whole Foods - grab a jar of that and your life will be super easy!

Easy Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream or Blizzard

2-3 scoops vanilla vegan ice cream
about 10 mini balls of cookie dough - any vegan flavor - my pb choco chip dough recipe
for blizzard: 2-3 Tbsp nondairy milk

To Make:

1. Chill the dough well for easy handling.
2. Roll the dough into dime sized balls and press into cubes.
3. Fold the dough balls into your ice cream. Serve!

Blizzard stirring..

4. For a blizzard or spoonable shake - add in 2-3 Tbsp non-dairy milk or soy creamer. Fold well with a spoon until the ice cream texture softens. Serve in a glass

Embrace your inner ice cream lover. Veganized. Get more vegan ice cream tips, toppings, ideas and products!

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