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This Rustic Citrus Tofu Scramble is studded with gold and yellow carrots -roughly chopped. Citrus accents throughout. A hint of pepper. Nutritional yeast. A splash of sassy tamari. The sweetness of the cooked carrots (oozing with vitamin A) compliments the savory flavors perfectly. Crispy tater tots on the side. Fresh orange slices. Spicy salsa. Avocado slices. This would be quite a lovely plate of food served up at home.Cafe style.

Sometimes I wish I had my own restaurant. Or a food truck. I'd love my very own tiny beachside cafe. Probably not actually my next career move, but who knows, maybe someday. And it is at least a fun daydream to have. What would your perfect little cafe look like?

cue the daydream music.

My Beach Dream Cafe. It would have to involve the beach. Beachy vegan living. Sunshine. Laid back eats. Nothing on the menu that you couldn't bring in a basket down to the shore for a seaside picnic.

On foggy beach mornings at my little blue and white painted cafe, the kitchen would serve up generous plates of tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, fresh-pressed juices and frosty fruit smoothies. Coconut water served ice cold with lime. Half frozen upon request. A "bike-thru" window out back for the weekend beach cruisers.

Served with a side of sea breeze please.

The white wooden walls would be cluttered with photos and paintings by local artists. Produce, beach scenes, and animal-infused art would set the tone for this cruelty-free cove of vegan deliciousness. Green and blue-tinted glass wear - a design riff on sea glass. White plates. Sturdy blonde wooden tables.

The brunch crowd would be intense. Lively. Lovely. Diverse. Tall glasses of mint lemonade on every table. Spicy soy chai warming the crowds on extra foggy days. Cayenne, nutritional yeast sprinkles, maple syrup and hot sauce available upon request. The all vegan grill would be sizzling hot. The scrambles would be super creative. Maybe one bursting with fresh citrus flavor, studded with rustic chunks of colorful carrots. Maybe something like this recipe :)

Get my Rustic Carrot Citrus Tofu Scramble recipe and daydream about your own little vegan cafe by the sea. What would yours look like? And what would you serve?

Rustic Citrus Carrot Scramble
serves 2

1 block firm tofu
2-3 tsp safflower oil
2 cups chopped carrots - or use frozen rustic carrots from Trader Joe's
1 medium red onion, sliced
2 tsp truffle oil
a few dashes fine black pepper
1/2 -1 cup nutritional yeast
1 satsuma, peeled, diced or sectioned
2 tsp ume vinegar
1 Tbsp tamari
1/2 tsp lemon pepper spice blend
salt to taste


1. Heat sauté pan over high heat. Add 2-3 tsp safflower oil.
2. Add in the sliced onion. Saute for 2 minutes.
3. Add in the chopped carrots, truffle oil, satsuma, tamari and tofu. Roughly crumble or cube the tofu into the pan. Allow the tofu to sear a bit on the hot oil.
4. Next add in the nutritional yeast and lemon pepper. This will help absorb some of the liquid. Cook for another 4 minutes, stirring occasionally so edges don't burn in pan.
5. Turn off heat and add the splash of ume vinegar. Salt to taste if needed. Add more pepper and nutritional yeast if desired.
Allow scramble to sit in pan 2-5 minutes before serving. This will allow it to cool and thicken.
Serve hot with toast, potatoes, fruit and more.

Happy Morning! (or evening. This makes a delicious lunch or dinner plate too!)

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Lazy mornings are good scramble mornings.

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