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Vegan Macro Meal.

Macro Meal. Tender wilted kale hugged by warm, nutty brown rice and white beans. Peppered shiitakes tumble alongside, an accent of tangy sauerkraut and a few crisp, fresh sprouts on top. Maple tamari tempeh triangles fan along the rim of my wide, white bowl. A kiss of sweet, juicy, zesty satsuma. And plentiful amounts of rich, tangy tahini-maple dressing drizzled over top. This is my kind of macro meal.

I have been curious about macrobiotics lately. One can only order the "Macro" Bowl at Native Foods so many times before wanting to refresh their expertise of what "Macro" actually means...

The term, "Macro Diet" (short for Macrobiotic) has been tossed around in pop culture quite often, especially because of its popularity among celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. But dive a little deeper in to the topic of macrobiotics and you will find that it is more than just a diet.

Macrobiotics is a way of life. Much like veganism. Macrobiotics (just like veganism) is about more than what you put on your plate. These "diets" have a much greater purpose and reflect a philosophy on how you live life. Veganism of course is deeply rooted in animal welfare, while macrobiotics has a strong hold on everyday wellness and balancing of yin/yang. So put those two together, and see how a vegan macro diet can be a thing of beauty.

And while I'm not planning on taking a summer off to study macro cuisine at the Kushi Institute anytime soon (although that would be fun). I've certainly become a fan of building my own macro meal a few times a week. Get my recipe and learn the basics to building a macro meal.

New to Macro? Start here -> Learn the Basics of macro cuisine in my latest post on Babble: The Macro Diet: Master the Basics of a Mactobiotic Meal. This article will help you unlock the reasons behind why and how I composed the dish below..

Maple Tahini Dressing. Triangles of Tempeh..

My Vegan Macro Meal
vegan, serves 1-2

1 cup brown rice, steamed
1 cup white beans, cooked or heated
1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/2 cup sauerkraut
black pepper

3/4 cup fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced
1 tsp tamari
1/4 tsp sesame oil
black pepper

2 cups organic kale, shredded
optional: a few florets of broccoli
pinch of sprouts
1 small satsuma, peeled, halved

tempeh triangles:
palm-sized slice of tempeh (thinly sliced into triangles)
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp tamari
1 1/2 tsp safflower oil

seaweed crisps

Tahini Maple Dressing: 1 Tbsp tahini + 1 tsp maple syrup + 2 tsp lemon juice + one of the following: 1 tsp cider vinegar or tamari


1. Start by preparing your tempeh. Saute in the oil and finish with the maple and tamari. Allow to cook until slightly crisp and browned. Remove from heat. Set aside.
2. White pan is still hot, add in your sesame oil and mushrooms. Saute until tender, but not over cooked. Finish in pan with a splash of tamari. Black pepper to taste. Remove from pan and set aside.
3. Next, keep your heat on medium and add your kale to the pan. I like to cover with a lid or foil and add a splash of cider vinegar or water to the hot pan for a quickie steam cook. The kale should wilt in a few minutes. Add another splash of oil for a richer sauté. Pile your wilted kale into a plating dish. You can add the cooked shrooms alongside the kale. And add a pinch of fresh sprouts.
4. Heat your beans and grab your cooked brown rice. You can use a precooked rice packet (available at grocery stores like Trader Joe's) or try using a rice cooker for perfectly cooked rice every time. Add your rice and beans to your still warm sauté pan. There should be a bit of oil/flavor still left on the pan. Dry sauté the beans and rice together for a few minutes. Transfer to a large bowl and toss with the nutritional yeast to create a savory mixture. Add about 1 1/4 cups of the beans/rice to your macro bowl. You may have some leftovers of this.
5. Toss your sauerkraut on the still warm pan for just a few seconds to warm the kraut. Toss with black pepper. Add kraut to the bowl.
6. Add the tempeh to your bowl as well and garnish with the satsuma and seaweed crisps. Serve with your whisked-together tahini dressing.

Add plentiful amounts of dressing..

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