Raw Breakfast: My Busy Season Power Fuel.

I would have liked to have slept through breakfast this morning. But in fact, I did not. I worked through breakfast. Tis the season to keep food bloggers very, very busy.

AM. Outside the sun crept into the sky, a pool of periwinkle flooding the windowglass. I stumbled to the fridge for my usual early morning swig of Pressed Juicery raw coconut water, then over to my computer like a drowsy moth to a glowing streetlamp.

Cue the "spinning hands on the clock" visual. And suddenly it is noon. Then 12:30pm. Breakfast, officially skipped. Or maybe just perfectly delayed..

Into the PM hours, the clock ticking, I finally pry myself from my locked gaze on my computer screen and dash into the kitchen to break for a meal. As I was staring blankly at the fridge there was a knock on the door. A thump on the doorstep.

Kitty darted for the covers as is her usual, dramatic, "doorbell" routine. I opened the door to find a lovely package on my doorstep. I knew it was lovely because it had a cute little duck sticker on the box. My mom had sent me a sideline holiday gift from filled with a few of my favorites. Including the Hemp Buckwheat Granola. Yes!

I bust open the package and knew exactly what was for breakfast (er, brunch?). I loved this meal and it was made super easy by using some pre-made goodies (a treat for me!) I guess this was my healthy raw vegan equivalent to grabbing a box of cheerios and pouring some quick milk over top, side of OJ. I hope this post inspires you to find your own super easy, healthy quickie breakfast. Smoothies and juices are great options as well. Or if not in a hurry, try one of these holiday breakfast ideas.

A raw chocolate shake would be nice as a treat to this too..

My Power Fuel Breakfast: One Lucky Duck Granola, Pressed Juicery raw almond milk, satsuma orange and sliced banana. Super delicious way to power up for this super busy season of food blogging, holiday planning and Christmas cheering.

Sometimes the best reward to a busy day is taking a break for a healthy, delicious meal to refuel your body. Raw food is so fabulous for refueling eats. And during this busy food season - even food bloggers can use a little breakfast help (with some pre-made goodies and a package from mom).

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