Vegan Taco Tuesday Recipes

updated 8/13/19

As a kid, Taco Night was the first time I was allowed to "assemble" dinner myself. Just grab an empty taco shell and dive right into the wide platter of fillings. Mom's job? Easy. Create the spread and let the kids do the rest. No fuss.

Taco Tuesday. These days, tacos have become so much more. Taco Tuesday reminds us to dive into one of our most beloved meals. But really, Tuesday can be about more than just tacos.... guacamole, quesadillas and even enchiladas. And that whole "Tuesday" thing. Taco Tuesday is most definitely any day of the week you choose. Get all my favorite recipes for the most amazing plant-based, vegan Taco Tuesday - any day, ahead...

Mexican food is beautiful. Fresh, bright, complex, lively and fragrant. It fills your senses with amazing smells and sights. Bright red tomatoes, crisp green cilantro and diced jalapeño, fluffy golden corn tortillas, smoldering black beans simmering in a pot, rustic red rice, spicy salsa and anything else you pile on top will look beautiful. Enjoy!...

Now for all the recipes I have shared here on HHL over the years. Yeah, I love Mexican food...

First up, tacos. When I was a kid, crunchy taco shells were the go-to. But these days, people seem to gravitate more towards the classic soft taco - with a corn or flour tortilla. Either, way you have a meal-time winner on your hands..


Summer Bean Tacos. Simple and delicious, these summer beans, with a slight sweetness, create fast and flavorful tacos..

Tofu Tacos. These Chipotle Maple Tofu Tacos with guacamole and hot sauce on top, serve up an easy, protein-packed entree.

Beer-Battered Tacos. I loved creating these beer-battered tofu tacos! For more battering goodness, dice tofu into cubes or logs.


Mexican Street Corn is a delicious side veggie to serve in the summertime.

Watermelon Frosties are always a hit on a warm summer night. You can make these with or without alcohol.

California Guacamole is a lemon-infused dip that I make at least once a week! Serve with chips, tacos or even on toast! There is also an avocado farm tour in this post.

Chunky Mango Guacamole is my sweet-spin on a traditional guac dip.

Juicy Mango Margarita or Mocktail. I am in love with this fresh mango and lime frosty sip.

Cool Cucumber Guacamole. This veggie-infused guacamole is a chunky, delicious way to devour your fave side dip..

Salsa Verde is one of my favorite dips for any taco night..

Sangria for a refreshing sip..


Mushroom Avocado Quesadillas, all browned and bubbly with melty cheese in every savory bite.

Santa Cruz Burritos are a peek inside my childhood! These cilantro-infused gems are light and lovely, packed with good stuff..

Mushroom Queso-dillas. These crispy, mushroom and vegan cheese stuffed triangles are delicious served with salsa, guac or hot sauce.

Quinoa Fiesta Bowl with summer corn and protein-rich black beans. Loads of veggies too! Super bowl..

Easy Spinach Enchiladas are topped with the best sauce and loads of vegan cheese and green chilies..

Bubbly-Cheese-Topped Broccoli Enchiladas...

And another enchilada recipe. This one with spinach and an amazing cashew cream on top...

Fatty Taquitos. If you love regular taquitos, you will love these over-stuffed gems!..

Enchilada Sauce. Craft your own vegan enchiladas using my easy, DIY sauce..

Cheese-Free Enchiladas. This super easy casserold includes rice and veggies, and is cheese-free. Though you can always add cheese if you'd like.

Corn bread or sweet spoonable corn cakes are fun sides to play with!..

When fall hits.. you'll be in love with these Maple Pumpkin Quesaddilas. My absolute fave for fall! Includes a fun videos too.

Cheese-free Quesadilla... Mushroom and Hummus. Really, these sound a bit weird, but they are good. Another hummus-based quesadilla here.

Speedy Fiesta Bean Bowl with the best DIY bean mix..

Taco Salad with plantains and tofu.

Bean and Cheese Quesadillas with spinach..

Southwest Tofu Burrito with crunchy cabbage and avocado.

Meet the AVO-dilla. Sweet, crispy quesadilla tortilla and chunky, fresh avocado insides. So easy it might give avocado toast a run for it's star space..


I actually don't have any classic Mexican desserts like churros or Flan, but here are a few I think would work really well..

Chocolate Pudding. This pudding is so delicious when you add some cinnamon and cayenne! The Mexican Chocolate flavor will be a perfect ending to your fiesta..

Wacky Chocolate Cake. Add in some spices like cinnamon and cayenne for a spicy Mexican chocolate twist on these chocolate cakes.

This Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream is made from avocados... really. And it is so creamy and delicious!

or cookies and cream ice cream are a few other options that you can give some Mexican spice to!

And FYI, I realize I only have one salsa recipe formally on the blog - worthy enough to re-share. So I will send you over to my friend Sophia's blog to try hers. Because it looks amazinggggg. Veggies Don't Bite Salsa.

Some older recipes worth checking out.... Mexican Red Rice, Corn Cake Bean Balls.

Happy Taco (or burrito, enchilada, quesadilla....) Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday.....) you get the idea.

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