Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up for 8/1

This week's Meatless Monday recipe Round-Up!..

Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up - 8/1

* 5-Ingredient Tofu Scramble
The perfect hot breakfast to whip up when you are in a hurry, yet still craving something warm and satisfying to get you through your day.

* Summer Eats Checklist - 7 Foods that Scream Summertime
If you haven't fully indulged in the joys of summertime eating - here are my top seven "summer eats" to help you embrace the season.

* Savory Waffles and Savory Hash Browns
If you haven't checked out these vegan breakfast recipes yet - I hope you will! Try them for a weekend brunch, breakfast or even a Meatless Monday "breakfast for dinner."

* Hazelnut Hummus
This warm and cozy bowl of hummus has a savory sweet flavor with the intoxicating essence of rich, dreamy hazelnut oil.

And a few oldies, but goodies - since my recipes on were a tad sparse this vacation week! :)

Meatless Monday Dinner Ideas:

* In the mood for Mexican? Try my Vegan Enchiladas or Tempeh Tacos
* Craving Pasta? Try my Easy Vegan Spinach "Alfredo-y" Pasta or my Rockstar Pesto Pasta Bowl
* I love these Corn Cake Bean Balls - mushroom version too!
* Or try a casual, Mini Vegan Beachy Pesto Pizza or my fave: Broccoli and Daiya Cheddar Pizza
* Something more elegant: Cashew Cheese Stuffed Squash Blossoms over Saffron Rice
* Totally refreshing would be a crunchy raw veggie wrap - or I could grill it thin for a veggie quesadilla.

To Drink..
* I've been at the spa all weekend, so I really can't get enough of this refreshing Spa-aaah Water

A Salad..
* Something simple, an Heirloom Tomato Salad
* Something purifying - lotsa green apples and crunch: Tahini Green Apple Edamame Salad
* Or just a cozy side of Savory Tiny Taters with spicy mustard

For Dessert. I'm craving something cool...

* Minty Green "Milk"shake, aka Shamrock Shake
* Raspberry Sauce Smothered Sundae
* Smores Sundae
* Mocha Root Beer Float
* Fruit Sorbet

So many recipes, so few Mondays!!!

Happy Meatless Monday.

Please share with a non-veg friend to hopefully inspire them!

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