Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up, 8/22

This week's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-up via my posts over at! Inspiration for today and the week ahead. And info about the VegNews TwitterChat I will be participating in this Tues Aug 23rd!..

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Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up - 8/22

* 2-Ingredient Island Shake
Just two easy ingredients separate you from the island oasis sip. Perfect as a morning sip or as an afternoon pick-me-up-and-take-me-away. I had this for breakfast today, delish!! And easy. Thick and creamy like a shake.

* 5 Ways to LOVE Your Green Juice!
Still trying to love green juice? Here are five easy tips that may help you get the green glow - and love it! Recipe too.

* Cheezy Easy Pasta
This easy, nutritional yeast cheezy pasta bowl is totally kid friendly - but adults will love it too! Super easy. Fill a bowl with these warm cheezy rounds of pasta and peas, grab a spoon and comfort food is served. Protein, fiber and flavor too..

* Sunny Mushroom Nuggets (or Veggie Burgers)
*plus vitamin D-infused mushroom powder from Dole
This is my fave recipe of the week! I call them my "sunny" mushroom bites because they are infused with loads of vegan vitamin D thanks to whole food mushrooms - and a new whole food powder I found from Dole Nutrition (buy online - see linked post). If you want to get 150% RDA vitamin D in one teaspoon, you have to check this stuff out. But even without the shroom powder, these nugget bites (or veggie burgers) are packed with protein, flavor and fun. Husband approved too!

* Have you heard? Bill Clinton is Vegan.
Bill Clinton is loving his veggie burgers since he has officially declared himself as a proud vegan! Although he cites health reasons for his vegan path, I'm hoping we will hear more from him in the future about how veganism is not only good for your body, but good for the planet and animals who call it home. This post also contains links to plenty of vegan recipes.

* Picky Eaters and the foods they Love!
I'm really proud of this slide show. It contains quotes from moms, wives and more about vegan foods that they were shocked to learn the picky eaters in their life loved. kids who rave about brussel sprouts, husbands who gobble up tofu and quinoa and even a little girl who will drink just about anything if it came from a Vitamix. My kind of girl! :) This post includes recipe links too!

* Sticky Banana Bread Topping
You probably saw my Banana Bread Quinoa breakfast bowl from last week - well this was the ooey gooey, warm and sweet topping that made my quinoa sing. And my kitchen smell like banana bread heaven.

And just for fun, my "drink of the summer" (get it while summer is still here!!)
* Watermelon Frosty..this sip goes with any Meatless dinner feast! :)

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