Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up, 8/15

This week's Meatless Monday Recipe Round-up via my posts over at! Inspiration for today and the week ahead..

Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up - 8/15

* Vegan Jello! with Agar Agar
Learn how to use agar agar to make your fave classic "jello" recipe like a vegan jello mold or custard pie - or vegan jello shot fruit slices!

* TVP for Sloppy Joes
I'm super proud of my super-stuffed Garden Veggie Sloppy Nellys - recipe posted last night. But if you need a bit more info on TVP - check out this post!

* 20 Dairy-Free (vegan) Slaw Recipes - slideshow
I've fallen for slaw the past few months - and there's no problem achieving super creamy slaw salads - without the dairy - and a few of my recipes are even 100% vegan mayo free (and still creamy). Peruse this crunchy slideshow and make a slaw salad tonight!

* Lime Basil Soft-Serve Sorbet
This is my technique for making soft-serve sorbet in a matter of minutes. No machine or overnight freezing needed! Lime Basil base is light and refreshing.

* "Straight A" Smoothie
Peaches, oranges, banana and more. This peachy fresh smoothie will start you and your family off on the right foot on a busy morning. Packed with antioxidants like A and C. Plus potassium and fiber.

* Cozy Apricot Crumble Pie
Try a new flavor of pie this summer: cozy apricot. Sticky sweet and gooey apricots bake up with a sweet tart flavor. Eat this pie with a spoon! In a cozy bowl. Walnut spice crumble on top.

* Lemon Sunflower Pesto Pasta
Pine nuts can be expensive! So I've become crafty by making my pesto sauce with alternatives like walnuts - and now these rustic sunflower seeds. Love this one pot wonder dinner recipe.

And just for fun, my "drink of the summer" (get it while summer is still here!!)
* Watermelon Frosty..this sip goes with any Meatless dinner feast! :)

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