Earthquake? Frosty!

Strolling outside, just about to swing by Whole Foods, I felt a familiar sensation. Rumbling. Rolling. Then out of the corner of my eye, streams of screaming people came swimming out of a hair salon - wet hair and all. Building cave in? Giant mouse? Bad highlights? Nope...

The rumbling became stronger. Louder. More permanent. Yup, it's an earthquake. I shrugged my shoulders. Watched the DC folks scramble and gush from local office buildings and felt a tad confused. What's all the fuss. That was nothing! I know, I'm another annoying Californian - but this girl has seen much worse quakes. Actually, I think quakes can be fun. Really annoying right? Let me explain..

I guess when I lived through a 7.1 and saw so much tragedy evolve from quakes and the emotional aftermath, I had to deal with them some way. I decided to just never fear them. There's really nothing I can do about preventing them, so just go with the shakiness and take them for what they are. I pray that no one gets hurt, but for anyone out there who is scared right now, just take a deep breath and breathe. You're OK. And that's good. Don't let fear take over you. Or at least try not to let it.

So dear DC, you hit me with a quake, and I say, it's Watermelon Frosty Time! The earth shakes, I sip...

Oh, and go hug your pets. They feel it worse than us! My kitty darted under the bed. Her fur on end. Shaky and scared. I scooped her up, gave her a hug and she was fine. I of course had rushed home to see if she was OK. Pressed past the people standing outside my building and ran up the stairs to see her.

Once I was settled, I needed something to chill out my nerves. Watermelon frosty please. SO glad I had some frozen watermelon in the freezer.

Classic Watermelon Frosty Recipe

or see today's below..

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Shaky Quaky Watermelon Frosty

2 cups frozen watermelon cubes
2 Tbsp maple syrup, grade B
4 limes, squeezed
4 Tbsp water
1/4 tsp cayenne (shaky kick!)
1 extra large ripe banana

Blend in your vitamix. Serve. Chill. Smile.

Hope everyone is safe and sound in the DC area and beyond!!!!!

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