Cover of VegNews Magazine Sep+Oct Issue!

Imagine you've had an exhausting week. Then imagine all the sudden you are given some amazing news that leaves you floating in the clouds as happy as a bird with a french fry? Well that's what happened to me today when I found out whose cake photo "might" be on the cover of the upcoming VegNews Magazine Sep+Oct Food Issue.

Me! Yes, that Pumpkin Carrot Cake you see at right (cover #2) is my photo and recipe! So yes, it's vegan made, vegan photographed. Hooray and yippee to that!..

UPDATE: It's official! My photo is the cover!

I'll gush. I can't help it. Having one of my photos on the cover of VegNews is one of those "dreams do come true" moments for me.

I remember being sprawled out on my bedroom floor in high school flipping through pages of VegNews and being inspired by this mysterious thing called veganism. I was already well on my way to claiming my full fledged vegetarian status, and so VegNews was really the only place for me to turn in the magazine section (or really any entertainment media) for a little inspiration. I perused veg products, articles, reviews of places I wanted to go someday, books, stories of animal rights and activism and more. To say that VegNews helped inspire me to go vegan is an understatement. So to be on the cover would be a dreamy.

Plus, I am pretty proud of my photo of that Pumpkin Carrot Cake. Don't worry, the recipe will be in that issue of VegNews - Sep+Oct. My recipe will be in an article featuring "five vegan bloggers and their must-make pumpkin recipes."

And I must say how incredibly impressed I have been with VegNews for reaching out to vegan photographers and bloggers these last few months. I noticed one comment in the thread asked if the cake was really vegan. Yes! It's 100% vegan! I know because I made, shot and devoured it :) Bravo VegNews.

If you are excited to see my photo on the cover you can vote for "#2" - my cake pic - on this comment thread -> VegNews Food Issue Details and Cover Photo

Thank you VegNews for making me smile!!!

And don't forget to vote for Healthy Happy Life in VegNews's Veggie Awards. You could win some awesome prizes for yourself like a cruise, Vitamix or treats from Coconut Bliss! Enter/Vote here. Voting ends at the end of August.

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