Vegan Breakfast for Dinner!

For the past few weeks I've been craving Breakfast for Dinner. And usually when I crave something it is because i made it out of the blue and it tasted so fantastic that I simply had to have it again. And again. And again. Here's what I'm talking about..

My PM Breakfast. Savory cheezy golden hash browns - speckled with pepperjack Daiya cheese. Warm, steaming tofu scramble with fresh chopped veggies, plenty of spices and oozing with savory flavor. A side of my new savory herbed cheese waffles. Some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice - or perhaps a grapefruit mimosa. Some killer hot sauce and if you'd like (as I must) wrap all these goodies, sans the waffles and juice, up into a grilled flour tortilla for a fatty breakfast burrito. Dinner for breakfast. Craving satisfied. For now.

And ps, for the rest of the week I'll be in Las Vegas celebrating my fifth wedding anniversary! I can't wait for my spa treatment at the Mandarin Oriental (hotel brand where we were married in Miami) - and I can't wait for our dinner at Bartolotta in the Wynn .. testing out those vegan delights we've all heard so much about! So while I'm in Vegas dancing til dawn, you better be snuggly at home chowing on some breakfast for dinner. I want to hear all about it! Get my menu of recipes...

Kathy's Breakfast for Dinner vegan Feast!

Breakfast Burrito - tofu scramble style

Herbed Cheezy Savory Waffles

Golden Secret Ingredient Hash Browns

Orange Juice Frosty

Spicy Carrot Mimosa

Soy Mocha - with soy whip!

Fresh Papaya "Doughnuts"

Minted Lime Tropical Fruit Salad

Roasted Grapefruit

Salsa Verde or your fave super spicy hot sauce

More Vegan Breakfast recipes here - plus see my energizing vegan breakfast slideshow!

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