Summer Recipes with Kathy & Gena! Duo video.

I'm excited to share a few more cooking videos with you guys - the topic: Vegan Summer Recipes that are totally party-approved.

Last weekend I invited Gena (of over for a little food blogger fun. Oh yes, the "Gena and Kathy Cooking Show" only has one day of shooting under its belt - but I can feel it - Rachael, Bobby, Paula and Giada are already shaking in their boots. Vegan cooking videos are all the rage..

Videos are fun because I can invite you guys into my silly little world of vegan food blogging fun. Via video. And this time Gena shows me a few raw vegan tricks. Totally inspiring.

The Recipes. Featured recipes include Gena's Hemp Hummus and Kale Salad - and you'll watch me blend up my classic Watermelon Frosty! Enjoy..

VIDEO ONE: Gena's Summer Recipes + Kathy's Wrap

VIDEO TWO: Kathy's Watermelon Frosty
- featuring modified "lime" frosty recipe

Get the Video Recipes! Gena made her Hemp Hummus. And Kale Miso Salad - massaged by hand. I blended up my Watermelon Frosty (featuring my modified "lime" frosty recipe) and made a trio of bruschetta.

Then we used ingredients from both our recipes to make the GK Wrap. Recipe Below.

Watermelon Frosty..

The GK Wrap - a Gena and Kathy collaboration

video note: sadly, due to technical difficulties, my entire bruschetta trio segment had to be scrapped. Videos are a new language for me. Photos I can nail. Video is still touch and go. My compliments to Spielberg, Howard, Coppola and Cameron.

I've included my bruschetta trio ingredients below..

Trio of Bruschettas
*Avocado Jalapeno Lemon (1 diced avocado, 1 Tbsp diced jalapeno, 1 lemon juiced, lemon zest, salt and pepper)
*Balsamic Shiitake Mushroom (shiitakes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme, truffle salt and pepper)
*Mango Basil Lime (1 diced mango, 2 Tbsp chopped basil, 2 limes juiced, lime zest)
To Plate: Add bruschetta toppings to grilled EVOO-brushed bread.

GK Wrap Recipe
1 XL whole wheat tortilla wrap
1 cup Gena's Kale Salad
1 scoop Hemp Hummus
1 scoop basil lime mango
1 scoop diced lemon jalapeno avocado
1 scoop balsamic shiitake mushrooms
Wrap, slice, serve!

Flashback - The Big Bright Idea. Back in NYC, Gena and I were curled up sitting soy lattes at the Bleecker street Le Pain Quotidien - on a blizzard-filled day, cold and icy - when the genius idea hit us, "We SO need our own cooking show. Food Network hasn't come calling yet. Hmm. We can do our own!" satisfying when an idea actually turns a page and becomes a reality.

And don't miss last week's video: Smoky Tempeh Cubes

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