Recipe Round-Up for a Meatless Monday

Delicious dishes for today's Meatless Monday Vegan Recipe Round-Up! Throughout the week, aside from posting here, I post vegan recipes as a contributor to's Family Kitchen. You can bookmark my post timeline here. But to make sure you don't miss out on any of those posts - I'm making these Monday round-up's a regular feature.

..Because you certainly don't want to miss worm-y chocolate "mud" parfaits, papaya smoothies, Lego tofu and cheezy mashed hemp potatoes!

Plus, these round-up's are perfect for Meatless Monday inspiration. Or you can always peruse for more MM inspiration! Here is this week's FK round-up!..

7/17 Weekly Vegan Recipe Round-Up
- perfect inspiration for your Meatless Monday
(click link for complete recipe and photos/slide show)

* Lime Maple Papaya Protein Smoothie
Frosty, silky vegan breakfast smoothie - flavors of lime and maple paired with tropical banana and papaya - with hemp protein added in!

* Double Roasted Pepper Hummus
A savory sweet blend of yellow and red roasted pepper. Creamy and totally dippable.

* Worm Hill! Vegan Chocolate "Mud" Pudding Parfait
Fun blend of spinach-colored coconut "grass" - and chocolate pudding and cake "rocks and mud" - potato crisp "worms" and a cute little sign too.

* 20 Ingredients for Raw (or mostly raw) Vegan Meals!
Jam-packed slide show featuring my favorite ingredients and pantry items for creating healthy (mostly raw) meals in a flash.

* Harry Potter Party: Hedwig Owl Cake
This sweet little Snowy White Owl from the Harry Potter books and movies looks too cute to eat! Almost..

* Eight Cool Ways to Enjoy Watermelon
Some of my favorite watermelon recipes for the summer season.

* Tofu Lego bites for Kids!
Loved these yummy tofu bites shaped like Lego's! Plated with pesto and hummus. Kids will love tofu with these stackable bites! Savory sweet.

* Easy Cheezy Garlicky Mashed Hemp Potatoes
A staple in my house - I blend up these "way-to-easy" potatoes at least a few nights a week as a dinner side dish.

* Fancy Food Show DC - 2011 Trends Slideshow
I visited the Fancy Food Show and picked up a few of the food trends you may be seeing on store shelves this year.

A few photos from these yummy dishes..

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