Recipe Round-Up for a Meatless Monday: 7/25

Delicious dishes for today's Meatless Monday Vegan Recipe Round-Up! This week, you don't want to miss out on a vegan burrito, a Refreshing Grapefruit Fizz, Bluebird Cake, Twilight Salad and an easy Panzanella...

You can also peruse for more Meatless Monday inspiration! Here is this week's FK round-up!..

7/25 Weekly Vegan Recipe Round-Up - perfect inspiration for your Meatless Monday
(click link for complete recipe and photos)

* How-to Veganize a Standard Baking Mix. Recipe: Bluebird Cake.
My recipe for Blueberry Bluebird Cake - fluffy and moist. Plus how-to veganize a baking mix with easy substitutions!

* Vegan Burrito Night
Vegan burritos with some twists - lime quinoa and "cheezy" pinto beans.

* Lime Mint Grapefruit Fizz
This refreshing mint and lime infused fizzy sip will cool you off and chill you out.

* 20 Vegan Summer Smoothie Recipes - with photos! (slideshow)
A rainbow of smoothies! 20 of my fave recipes.

* Summer Peach Crisp
Leftover peaches from your peach pie? Makes a peach crisp. Easy and rustic.

* The Twilight Salad
Juicy black plums, red beets and deep purple figs. This salad is totally Edward Cullen approved! (well, if he ate salads..)

* Hummus Panzanella, aka Bread Salad
Try this easy panzanella - the perfect way to use up your day-old loaf of crusty bread!

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