Wrap Obsessed! Ten recipes for summer.

I'm Wrap Obsessed. You too? There's just something about a fat, vegan wrap on a sunny day that makes me happy. I mean when you make a sandwich, it can be all about the bread, but when you make a wrap - it's all about what's inside.

So here are ten of my most favorite Vegan Wrap Recipes for summer! Perfect for lunch - or even dinner. In fact, my latest dinnertime obsession is pairing one of these fatty wraps with a big veggie-filled dinner salad, a side of maple-mashed sweet potato (a pinch of truffle salt) and sparkling (mint and lemon-infused) mineral water. Craving.

Take Two.. I'm also obsessed with perfecting my recent Eggless Salad recipe, aka Tofu Egg Salad. This time I made a few tweaks by trying a few of your suggestions. Ahead, find out what happened with Eggless Salad Take Two. Keep reading wrap lovers..

Wrapping is fun.

Eggless Salad Take Two! Oh boy do I love this recipe - the Tofu Egg Salad Sandwich recipe I posted last Friday. Well I loved the feedback from you guys and a few of you commented about being able to cook or steam the tofu before using it. I loved that idea so I had to try it! The results..

Eggless Salad Take two..

Steaming the Tofu
for my Eggless Salad. The pro's of steaming/cooking the tofu first are that you get an even more egg-textured bite. The tofu is a bit firmer and really like chopped egg. And it is definitely less mushy. The con's of cooking the tofu first are that you have to wait for it to cool off before serving on a sandwich since the warmth of the tofu now melts the mayo/Dijon dressing mix. However, if you add this warm mixture to a wrap or pita - it works. So the non-cooked tofu may be a bit faster if you are making a sandwich and not a closed wrap or pita. Either way I love it! See my new and improved Eggless Salad recipe below.

And now onto My Fave 10 Vegan Wrap Recipes for Summer!

1. Smoky Tempeh Avocado Wrap
This tempeh-licious wrap is stuffed with a crunchy citrus slaw, greens and plenty of smoky sauteed tempeh. Avocado too. One of my high protein wrap faves.

2. Smoky Mushroom Avocado Wrap
For the mushroom lover in all of us, this all-veggie wrap will make your taste buds very very happy. (photo at top)

3. Eggless Salad Wrap (updated recipe below)
My perfected Tofu-Egg Salad recipe gets even better when served in a wrap! Check out my version two of my recipe (or see version one here)

Eggless Salad - Wrap
18 ounces firm tofu, cubed and steamed - salted to taste
1/2 cup vegan mayo, aka Vegenaise
1/3 cup Dijon mustard (I like classic Grey Poupon)
1/4 tsp cayenne powder
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp black pepper - fine
2 tsp seasoned rice vinegar
1/2 cup chopped sweet onion - Vidalia onions work best
also needed: 1 XL wrap tortilla, and grens (I used dark red leaf lettuce in the wrap photo below)
Directions: Toss Well. Chill. Fill wrap. Serve!..

4. Curried Quinoa Wrap
If you love curry and love quinoa - you will go gaga for this wrap. Hearty and nutty with plenty of flavor and fiber. This hearty wrap will fill you up.

5. Spicy Sunny Raw Veggie Wrap
If you love crunchy veggies in your wrap, give this sunny recipe a try.

6. Potato Salad Wrap
This kinda makes a perfect breakfast burrito - well especially if you add in some scrambled tofu!

7. Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps
This is a different kind of wrap. It's sliced into cute lil spirals. Kinda like wrap sushi. Fun for the lunchbox! And easy for kids to eat. Great party appetizer too.

8. Plantain Poblano Tofu Wrap
This Mexican-flavor-infused wrap is a lovely entree for a fiesta night. Pair with some party guacamole and you have yourself, well, a party.

9. Bullseye Spiral Wraps
I adore this recipe. It's super simple - really just two main ingredients (tofu cream cheese and roasted red peppers) and the flavor is fantastic. Another perfect party recipe.

10. Florida Avocado Wrap
I really loved this wrap recipe. The lower-in-fat Florida avocados are so sweet and tender. If you can find a Fl avo - make this wrap!

11. Cilantro Smother Wrap or Burrito
OK, another non-traditional wrap - really a burrito. But this recipe rocks. It is a stuffed burrito smothered in cashew cream. Plantains, tofu, spinach, salsa - this tortilla has some serious vegan deliciousness inside and around it. So it kinda had to be #11 on this wrap-tastic list.

Happy wrapping! ps, what's YOUR fave wrap recipe?? that's a wrap! (sorry, had to.)

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