Video Recipe: Kathy's Smoky Tempeh Cubes.

I'm so excited to be posting another video recipe! This time featuring one of my favorite go-to, stand-by, make-this-all-the-time recipes: Smoky Tempeh Cubes. Hope you love it. And be sure to play it through the end for some "oh, kathy" bloopers and a cameo from my kitty Nelly. Grab the vegan popcorn, it's video time!..

Video Recipes. I am obsessed with videos. For this video, I got out of the poorly lit kitchen and into my brand new video corner set-up. I am still learning about sound and lighting, and having fun doing it.

True it takes me an entire day to shoot, edit and process a video - but they are so much fun and I really feel like it helps in the teaching process. So I am trying to present you with my very own Vegan Food Network :)

And also be sure to check out my video recipe: Acai Smoothie. Yay videos!

Check out my video and share it with a friend. Action!..

Recipes featuring a few (similar to) tempeh croutons/cubes..
* Easy Potato Soup with Tempeh "bacon" Bits
* Tempeh Cube Tacos
* Napa Salad with croutons
* Cheddar Broc Soup with Tempeh Croutons
* Light n Sassy Slaw with Maple Sesame Tempeh Cubes
* Sunny Mushroom Morning Tempeh Bagel
* Tempeh Nutrition Facts!

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