Thermador Steamy Soiree.

Last week I was in Scottsdale Arizona for the Thermador Steamy Soiree blogger event. A chance to play in the dreamy Thermador kitchens? Yes please. Plus, the city of Scottsdale is gorgeous. The colorful, rustic landscape of the southwest is inspiring for food, art and earth-lovers. The perfect setting for the ultimate culinary adventure. Look out Alice, this is Kathy in Thermadorland..

Travel: Arizona. Desert. Sun. Dry canyons. Desert flowers. Purple sunsets. Turquoise, burnt orange. Spiky green cacti. Prickly pears. The rustic landscape of Arizona perfectly accents the sleek, modern, innovative brand that is Thermador. Lets go, lets talk Thermador. And food. And kitchens...

The Scene.

Dinner the first night. Loved my table!..

Bloggers, circling the Ultimate Culinary Center - a true photo swoon..

Modern maze of Thermador kitchens. Forget Wonderland, this was Kathy in Thermadorland

Zach Elkin, Thermador Brand Director - his passion for excellence is loud, clear, inspiring

I love being welcomed inside the "homes" of brands and getting a first hand look at products - and more importantly, the people behind the brand.

W E L C O M E to Thermador. Being welcomed into Thermador's Arizona homebase was thrilling. And geez, do these guys know how to make a vegan lady squeal with delight, aka, they fed me well..

Vegan Food from Thermador's kitchens:
fresh berries with red quinoa, edamame black quinoa salad, jicama slaw, warm soft bread galore (can I please take a loaf home?), fluffy vegan blueberry muffins, assorted fresh fruit, grilled tofu, cabbage spring rolls, rice, more quinoa, mango juice, soy lattes and more and more. Check out these plates...

Lunch at Thermador - all vegan..

breakfast eats..

Who is Thermador? <- the question I wanted to answer on this culinary adventure.
Price Point.
OK, lets get real. Thermador products are "high-end" in quality - and price. But after cooking in the Thermador kitchens, I see see why the price point is higher than "standard" kitchen appliances. The quality gap is wide. You guys will understand this comparison: Thermador is like a Vitamix compared to a $20 blender. You are paying more - to get more.

Dream-y Kitchen. Whatever your personal price point for kitchen appliances - you have to admit that it's fun to discover/explore the best of the best. Your "dream" product. I may never buy a Lamborghini, but I'd certainly take one for a test drive - or test cook..

..cut to me, last week, in the Thermador kitchens, hunched over the Thermador Ultimate Culinary Center drooling like a hungry baby. Swoon. Cooking is a huge part of my life. So why not dream big?

Could I afford a full blown Thermador kitchen right now? No. But that won't stop me from dreaming about one.

My favorite quote from Thermador was this: "Cooking is not a hobby. It is an obsession."

If fashion is your obsession, you probably dream in Louboutins, Chanels and Pradas. But I dream in kitchen appliances. Thermador: Take a peek..

The steam oven makes the best homemade bread I've ever tasted..

As someone who severely despises her "never works" dishwasher, this is what dishwasher heaven looks like to me. *choirs sing*..

Thermador's Image of their Sapphire Dishwasher..

LOVE this Thermador kitchen..

The people behind the Thermador brand are passionate. They obsess over things like oven lights, dial nobs and push-button fridge shelf adjustment features. Hooray for passion. As a food blogger, I obsess over peaches, fresh cut veggies, muffin recipes and dinnertime. Obsession can be a very good thing.

Steamy Soiree: Food? Success. Inspired? Totally. My favorite part about events like these is that I always walk away inspired. In fact, I've been eating so much quinoa since I returned home. (Thanks Chef Brad!) For dinner, lunch and breakfast. In fact, check out my quinoa for breakfast recipes.

T H A N K - Y O U. A big, huge, you-guys-rock thank you to Thermador for hosting me and the other bloggers (listed below). Thanks to Chef Brad, Chef Kyle and more for sharing their kitchens with us for an afternoon. A big thank you to Zach Elkin - Director of the Thermador brand - and his entire passionate Thermador brigade. Thank you to the PR crew (Chris and company) - their events always inspire me and go far beyond my expectations. And I always eat very well - vegan and all! And lastly, thank you to the other bloggers - your friendship and inspiration is truly a blessing!

Full Disclosure: My transportation, accommodations and dining were all provided by Thermador - but as always, all my event and brand comments, feedback and thoughts are all my own. I don't rave and drool and swoon over products I don't truly adore. And oh-my-goodness, Thermador products are glorious. I would give my endorsement to them any day of the week. Julia Child certainly knew what she was doing when she chose to outfit her kitchen with them, way back when.

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Thermador - some cool video features to explore! Twitter: @ThermadorHome

Do you have a Thermador? I'd love to hear what fellow Thermador fans have to say!

And more photos below. See even more photos on my Thermador Facebook Gallery Page!

You know your food looks yummy when you want to take a photo with it :) ..

Brooke (CheekyKitchen) and I. Love this talented, charismatic, good-hearted lady..

Bloggers. In large cushy chairs.

I love being surrounded by food bloggers. Anne of @FannetasticFood with the big smile..

Moi, soaking in the AZ sun..

Love these two, and - aka, Brooke and Irvin..

Lovely grounds of the hotel. The pool area was a sprawling oasis..

Dana (she's veg too!) and I in the busy Thermador kitchens..

My vegan dessert the first night was so cool. Apricots dipped in vegan white chocolate, rolled in pistachios and settled upon spun sugar, berries...

The stove's "low" setting amazes me. Yes, that's a peper plate...

Chef Brad showing up how to pop amaranth. So cool! It pops up like rice crispies..


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