Ten Southwest Inspired Recipes. And Arizona!

Surrounded by desert, I'm dreaming of my ten favorite southwest recipes.

Arizona Sun. I am down in Scottsdale Arizona for Thermador's Steamy Soiree food blogger event. Arizona is truly everything you imagine it to be. Purple sunsets, tall friendly cacti growing along the roads and even the highways - bright yellow flowers sprouting out the top, pink desert, red rock, a hot dry breeze and in the sky rolls a wide orange sun. Arizona glows, that's for sure. And since I'm surrounded by desert oasis bliss I am feeling very inspired by southwest cuisine. Nopales, jicama, plantains, black beans, agave, pepitas, tomatillos, cilantro and prickly pear.

I can't wait to share my Thermador southwest adventure with you later this week - but for now check out my Top Ten Southwest Inspired Recipes...

Ten Southwest Inspired Recipes - all vegan

1. Fiesta Salad with Zesty Lime-Agave dressing

2. Prickly Pear Lemonade
OK, so I haven't posted my own recipe for this yet, but it's quite easy. The hard part is finding prickly pears in stores! Simply make lemonade as you normally would and add about 1/2-1 cup prickly pear juice - from fresh-cut prickly pears. SO good. Bight pinkish-purple color. Kinda like the Arizona desert flowers and sunsets.

3. Tempeh Tacos with watermelon radish slaw

4. Black Bean Burgers - with Cilantro Jicama Slaw (burger shown at top)

5. Plantains - simple saute

6. Cilantro Cashew-smothered burritos, plantains and more inside.

7. Triple Stacked Quesadillas - breakfast or brunch perfect!

8. Kathy's Guacamole Recipe - lemon-y zesty flavor

9. Salsa Verde - and Salsa Guac

10. Corn Cake Bean Balls - roasted fresh summer corn in these is ah-mazing

And a #11... because I always add a number 11. Jicama Slaw - crunchy cool

And lastly a #12, because only ten faves really isn't possible!..
Elote Recipe - Mex Corn

And the perfect bevie: Citrus Margarita or Daiquiri!

What are some of your favorite southwest-inspired recipes??

And yes, I'm craving nopales - that's cactus in a prickly-free edible form. Delicious sauteed. Kinda like green pepper.
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