Smoothie Break! & Trends

Today's very important smoothie break reminder...

Reminder: It's nearly summertime - season of outdoor, frolicking fun. Right now you are indoors, hunched over your computer screen. Parched. Possibly hungry - or at least hungry for nutrients. You may want to consider this important reminder..

Have you had your smoothie break today?

It seems "coffee breaks" are the accepted norm for "taking a break" during the workday - but lets start a new (healthier) antioxidant, fiber, nutrient-infused trend: smoothie breaks! We all deserve a summer smoothie break.

My Smoothie and Drink Recipes

And to inspire you, check out my Five Smoothie Flavor Trends for Summer! ..with recipe links.

**Share this post with a much-loved friend to remind them that they work too hard - and inspire them to take a smoothie break!**

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