Blueberry Coconut Water Frosty! And thoughts..

I've been blending up what has become my new fave sip of the summer: the Coconut Water Frosty. While summer officially starts the *21st* of June, with all these 90 degree days, I'm just calling it summertime now.

Today I did a dark purple blueberry flavor - and I've already shared my strawberry peach frosty recipe with you. These frosty little glasses contain just about everything I crave when it's hot, dry and tiring out - electrolytes, fruit, fiber, antioxidants, ice and lots of hydrating liquid. Straw optional.

Coconut water is my favorite re-hydration beverage because it has more potassium than a banana and up to 15 times more potassium than those sugary "sports hydration" drinks. All natural sip here. Ahead, I share this recipe - plus I have a question for you guys, the HHL readers..

To Book it or Not? Lately I've been feeling a bit anxious to get started on my next side project with HHL. While I keep seeing many of my talented food blogger friends securing book deals and signing contracts for in-print publications, I keep struggling with the fact that I haven't penned my own deal yet. I guess it would help if I had an agent. Or even sent in my own book query or submission. But truth be told, I am happily swamped with my current projects - loving every minute of them:, and of course Healthy Happy Life.

But still, I would love to have a book to offer you guys. I think? So here is my question. What do you guys want?..

Would you rather have the option of buying an in-print/bookstores only HHL cookbook containing a selection of my recipes - OR would a lower priced, available for download iPad App/E-book be more your speed? Also I am thinking of compiling some videos for a recipe DVD.

So many projects possible, I'd love your help! I know that having "a book" is an awe-inspiring goal. But I also know it is a lot of work - and I know my websites would suffer a bit. Less posts and updates. Which really, not sure if I like. I love having a live, ongoing, updated conversation with you guys on a daily basisQ Thoughts?

..More cell phone Apps? Try for a book deal? (Anyone have some tips/guidance on that- I'm all ears.) Or do you want more how-to recipe videos (a DVD possibly). Or a full E-book style cookbook? Advice wanted! And appreciated. You guys are the reason I do this. And I want to give all the vegan recipe seekers out there what they want. Again, thanks for any input you have. I've really been struggling with figuring this out lately. Le sigh.

So now, the recipe you've been patiently waiting for!..

Custom Frosty. And yes, these tasty little sips are customizable to whatever frozen fruit you have in your freezer. So if you have pineapple and banana instead of blueberry - try that! Coconut water goes with a variety of fruit flavors.

Blueberry Coconut Water Frosty
vegan, serves 2

11 ounces coconut water, chilled
1/2 cup ice
3/4 cup frozen blueberries
1 tsp lemon or lime juice
1 tsp agave syrup
dash of cayenne (optional)

tip: for an extra creamy - not as frosty coconut water frosty, add in 1/2 frozen banana. For more frosty, add in more ice.

..for a more coconut water-infused sip, use coconut water ice cubes instead of tap water ice cubes.

Blend. Pour. Serve!

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