Aloha Dad's Day Pizza!

Happy Dad's Day to all the daddy's out there!

Aloha Pizza. This vegan Aloha Pizza is perfect for dad's day. It was actually a very quickie recipe I did that turned out deliciously! Zesty sweet barbecue sauce, grilled pineapple, tender vegan citrus "chickn" and lots of melty Daiya cheese on top of a fluffy/crisp classic pizza crust. Aloha Pizza was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers (and my fabulous dad of course!)..

Father's Day Recipes. Oh yes, "man food" is fun. But really, dad can only eat so many greasy, triple-stacked cheeseburgers and pulled pork sandwiches without feeling, well, crappy. So I'd rather make dad feel good on Dad's Day.

So I rebelled against the traditional greasy, cheesy, meaty Dad's Day articles - check out my jam-packed post: 30 Veganized "Man Food" Recipes for Dad's Day! Lotsa yummy foods for dad - pizza, spicy chili, chili cheese dogs and more.

Lessons From Dad. I loved this moving slide show of "Lessons From My Dad" - I am featured on page #2 of the slide show! Here's my quote from it..

Lesson: Get Out of The Car - "My family went on all sorts of outdoor trips when I was a kid in California — Yosemite, Big Sur, Yellowstone, Lake Tahoe and more. Sometimes, after those long car rides, all I’d want to do was stay in the car once we’d arrived at our destination. Another hike? More wildflower fields? But my dad always inspired me to "get out of the car" to discover where the path would take me. This lesson has stuck with me — even when you are tired, just go." can see a nice photo of me and my dad in the Babble feature - and here's my dad (way back when) in Yosemite, doing what he does best "getting out of the car"..

Aloha Pizza! I've often said I am not a huge fan of fake meat products - but I fell in love with VegeUSA's products. I hate the names of the products "steak" "sparerib cutlets" "drumsticks" etc - but the flavor is awesome. High protein. Soy and wheat based.

For my Aloha Pizza I used the Citrus Sparerib Cutlets. I know, I know, don't you just hate the name? Ah, well. Get more info at Vegetarian Plus. You can also use Gardein products (I like the in-freezer products) - or your own Aloha-infused seitan or tempeh toppings.

Cheeky Inspiration. Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen inspired this Hawaiian Pizza. I've attended several food events with Brooke (Thermador. Dole 1. Dole 2) - she is truly one of the sweetest people - I could rave about her for pages, but I'll let her blog speak for itself. It's not vegan, but Brooke's stories, photos and genius ideas still make is one of my faves for inspiration and comfort. See Brooke's Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza here. Then click back here veg folks for my veganized recipe below!..

Dad's Aloha Pizza - vegan

1 ball of pizza dough - or a pre-made crust
1 cup vegan barbecue sauce - homemade recipe (or use fave store bought)
8 round slices pineapple
1 cup vegan citrus "chicken" - brand: Vegetarian Plus
1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes - marinated in EVOO
1 cup Daiya cheese - Mozzarella & Cheddar blend (or one variety)
1/2 cup chopped Vidalia onions


1. First prepare your barbecue sauce - if making from scratch.

2. Roast your vegan chickn cutlets in the oven according to directions on box. Set aside when tender and roasted. DO NOT over cook -= since you will be placing the pieces back in the oven for a while.

3. Pineapple rounds - I grill them on my stove top over and open flame for about a minute - but you can certainly use an outdoor grill for more flavor. A real grill will also make your pineapple a tad more tender.

4. Now assemble your pizza. Roll out your pizza dough. Brush it with some EVOO. Then brush with your BBQ sauce. Layer with cheese, onions, tomatoes, pineapples and cooked chicken.

5. Place pizza on a pizza pan or stone - in 425 degree heated oven for at least 15 minutes - every oven is different. Make sure the crust is cooked through and edges are crisp on the outside, fluffy on inside. Practice makes perfect when making pizza at home - so don't get frustrated if this is your first pizza.

Serve hot! Aloha.

Drink Pairing - Watermelon Margarita..

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