It's Smoothie Season!

Just another manic May Monday? No way! We're just a week away from Memorial Day weekend. Pools are opening, sunshine is sticking around and there is a whizzing-sound buzzing from my kitchen - my Vitamix of course. I've been blending up a storm lately because it is indeed Smoothie Season.

So to get YOU in the mood for my fave time of year, here's my yummy guide to smoothies, smoothies, smoothies. Healthy, happy sippin' to all..

Smoothie Season
means more to me than just frosty, fruity, colorful tall glasses of smoothie bliss. To me, it means happiness, sunshine and health. Smoothies are such an easy, delicious way to fuel and energize your day. And there are so many flavor combos and ingredient inspirations to try. I hope you will get excited about smoothie season and blend with me all spring and summer long! ..OK, all year long, really!

Smoothie Season Guide and Inspirations - 2011!

1) Smoothie Tips!
Get my ten smoothie tips - my revamped list for 2011.

2) Grapefruit Smoothies: recipe 1 (photo above), recipe 2
I've been inspired by grapefruit juice smoothies lately, so try these frosty pink, antioxidant-infused sips in your own blender!

3) Frosty smoothies go great with a vegan BBQ!
Check out my veg-tastic guide to your veg-friendly BBQ. Includes five of my fave vegan burger/hot dog recipe ideas. And revisit my Vegan Grilling Guide from last year!

4) Smoothie Apps!
Try my Smoothies iPhone App or my Smoothies Android App. And yes, I will be updating these Apps with my latest smoothie recipes soon!!

5) Watch me blend!
Check out my Acai Smoothie Video.

6) Get your own Vitamix!
Smoothie Season is so much better with a Vitamix. I am a Vitamix super fan. Get your own and see why I love mine!

7) Creamy Shakes.
My fave type of dessert blend: creamy shakes like this Peaches/Banana/Cream Soy Shake.

8) Smoothie Recipes Galore <-- the list. The long, lovely list!
If you haven't already, peruse my many smoothie and juice recipes to inspire you all season long! This is my complete index of smoothie-lovin' frosty fun. So many recipes, so little time.

What's your FAVORITE smoothie recipe??? Mine? I usually reach for something citrus-infused or dark and acai/blueberry-infused. I also adore something lemonade-inspired and frosty.

*and I'd like to apologize the plethora of exclamation marks in this post. I get a little too excited about smoothie sometimes. You understand I'm sure :) !!!*

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