Give a Mother's Day Gift for Health & Happiness

Have you found the perfect Mother's Day Gift yet? You still have time to put together a healthy happy gift that will make mom glow from the inside-out. Because while we all love flowers and even fruit bouquets - a truly personalized gift of health and wellness is a great way to make mom feel loved and special. Here are a few of my picks..

Mother's Day Gifts for Health & Happiness

1. Roses are Red
I am often asked about my favorite beauty products. And while I don't really have favorites, I do find that I tend to buy certain beauty products over and over again because quite frankly - I love the results. A few of these products can be found at one of my fave gift-spots - you guys may already know OLD is the store from Pure Food and Wine's lovely lady Sarma. These are my favorite "I-use-these-everyday" products - and since they are rose-infused, they are perfect for Mother's Day..

Rose Du Jour Cream - love this stuff. Soft and silky - you or mom will wake up with your skin feeling like rose petals. I use this year-round because while it is hydrating, it's not too heavy for even hot summer days.

Gypsy Rose Tea Astringent - if you are into rose water astringents or "toners" - this is a fabulous pick - made from Bulgarian rosewater and "Inspired by a 1500-year old formula made by Gypsies for the Queen of Hungary." It has the slight aroma and zing of apple cider vinegar - all combined with rose and tea. Spritz it on your face for instant refreshment. I use this before the above cream.

There are also plenty of other beauty (and food) treats from OLD - if you are unsure of what mom would go for, try a gift card!

2. A Juice or Smoothie a Day..
I'm obviously a big fan of having your own juicer and/or smoothie blender in your own kitchen. If you have one you are much more likely to add healthy juices and smoothies - and more to your daily diet. So here are my top three picks for healthy bevie appliances: an OJ Juicer, a fruit/veggie juicer and a high speed blender. Here are a few options for each of these items. Inspire mom to start (and keep!) a few healthy-delicious habits.

High Speed Blender: the best -> a Vitamix - free shipping!

3. Organic Goodies
I've been buying gifts and treats from for many years now. I first tried a sampler back in college and was thrilled to get fresh organic fruits and veggies delivered overnight to my door. It was like bringing the Farmer's Market to me! And over the years I've bought many Mother's Day and birthday gifts here. My favorites are these fruit/veggie samplers. But you can also find amazing vegan sweet potato biscuits, vegan meals, fresh baked breads and tons of healthy living gadgets and products. Browse DO and find something for mom!

4. Well Hydrated Mom
OK, call me crazy, but I think a giant tray of coconut water makes a swell Mother's Day gift. I mean, yes CW can be expensive - so some folks may not want to shell out up to $2-$3 for one bottle/jar/tetrapak - so this year, give mom the gift of hydration with a fridge stocked with coconut water. I mean, some people give wine and champagne to mom - why not coconut water!? Check out my coconut water blind taste test. And here are a few picks..

5. High Tech Reader
High tech mom? I say buy her a snazzy Kindle - in her fave snazzy mom-inspired color - and load that baby with all sorts of healthy books. Like Kathy Freston's Veganist - or Marilu Henner's timeless Total Health Makeover. And many many more vegan/healthy living books.

6. Green Mom Fashionista
I'm totally in love with - the adorable pink elephant sweatshirts, cutie tees, jackets and more - if you have a mom who love fun vegan clothes VC is your go-to online shop!

Or try a MOM-basket - made by YOU!..

So those are just a few buy online ideas - hope they inspire you a little. And if you are low on cash this year - don't worry - mom would love, adore, be giddy over a basket of freshly baked-by-you goodies! Go for these homemade treats and make a MOM-Basket of our own! Use lovely ribbon-wrapped glass jars and re-usable baskets for baked goods..

Vegan Lemon Curd in a lovely glass jar (store in fridge)
Vegan Muffins - recipes (muffins/breads)
Vegan Cookies - recipes (desserts)

Healthy Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!

ps.. be sure to check back on Saturday for my Vegan Mother's Day Menu!

*full disclosure: none of these picks are advertisements - these are simply my personal picks - I do make a very small percentage of any of the or referral purchases - but you can find my Amazon picks at other websites or stores as well.

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