Vegan Family Recipes - Slideshow on Babble!

As you may know I've been writing for Babble's Family Kitchen blog for the past few months - sharing my fave vegan recipes with a spectacular audience of moms and their families. And since many of Babble's more mainstream readers are not vegan, the positive feedback I've received has been inspiring.

That's why I was thrilled when I found out that Family Kitchen decided to do a vegan recipes slideshow of recipe links! 19 Vegan Recipes for the Family. Awesome! I hope you will check it out and share it with anyone and everyone who has a family that they cook for. So glad Babble is onto the plant-based diet movement in America.

See the 19 Vegan Recipes for the Family Slideshow here on Babble.

*image is screenshot of the slideshow on Babble - click on it to link!

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