Vegan Easter Brunch - Thirty Recipe Ideas!

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Pastel colors, spring flowers, yellow sunshine, green grass, bright eyes, twirling dresses, fluffy clouds, sweet-scented breezes, church choirs, wide-brimmed hats, white lilies and laughter. These things remind me of the Easter season. And my perfect Easter Sunday includes a cheery vegan Easter Brunch with the ones I love. I want to wish all of you a happy healthy Easter or Passover season - and if you want to celebrate with your own Sunday afternoon brunch - here are thirty recipe ideas to inspire you! Happy Easter. Happy eating...

Here are a few more photo highlights of the recipes which follow..

Vegan Easter Brunch Recipes - from my sunny table to your..

1. dessert - Veganized Easter Swirl Lamb Cake

2. entree - Tofu Spring Quiche

3. beverage - Fizzy Ginger Blood Orangeade

4. entree - Purple Pepper Eater Breakfast Sandwich

5. side dish - Mint Lime Spring Green Fruit Salad

6. beverage - AM Sunrise Juice

7. side dish - fluffy spiced quinoa

8. side dish - Curried Tahini Carrot Slaw version one - version two (bolder) - aka Bunny Slaws

9. entree - Sunny Spicy Veggie Wraps

10. entree - Fire/Ice Panini - harissa and cucumber with vegan cheddar

11. beverage - Frosted Lemon Pear-ade

12. entree - Lemon Leek Pesto Penne

13. dessert - Mini Pina Colada Upside-down Cakes

14. entree - Mint Cucumber Wasabi Tea Sandwiches

15. side dish - Marinated Chili Cucumber Salad

16. side/treat - Bunny Bars, fruit/nut granola bars

17. side dish - Sunny Asparagus Tapenade

18. Dips, Dips and more Dips

19. side dish - Red Hot Bruschetta

20. entree/side - Corn Cake Bean Balls

21. side dish - Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers

22. side dish - Spinach Dips

23. side dish - Two Bean Lemon-y Salad

24. side dish - Light and Sassy Cole Slaw

25. beverage - Spicy Carrot Mimosa - aka, the Fizzy Bunny

26. dessert - Tofu-chino Parfaits

27. dessert - Blueberry & Bosc Pear Pie

28. dessert - Vanilla Fruit Tart

29. side dish - lemon poppyseed muffins with lemon curd

30. beverage - Half-frozen Lemon-Mint Water


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