Top Chef Masters: Suvir's Red Meat Controversy

Chef Suvir Saran caused quite a bit of red meat vs. veggie burger controversy on Bravo's Top Chef Masters reality show last night. There's nothing like a robust debate on "healthy eating" to get the flames of controversy roaring..

Read my full Top Chef Masters discussion post HERE - on Family Kitchen

I am often frustrated by the lack of representation of veg*n views on Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. But last night, Chef Suvir Saran stood his vegetarian-minded ground during "The Biggest Loser" elimination challenge.

Why I didn't post here..
I knew I wanted to do a blog post on this episode in order to continue the conversation that Suvir started. (Especially after I tweeted back and forth with Suvir last night!) But if I simply did my post here on HHL, most of the views would be just like mine - I'm guessing most veg*n readers will agree with Suvir's stance on the red meat/heart disease/obesity connection.

However, I wanted to get mainstream folks in on this chat. So I published my discussion here - on Babble's Family Kitchen website. I would love if you guys would click on over, read it and comment! Lets start a discussion from both ends of this meaty issue...

Read my Top Chef Masters "Biggest Loser" Challenge post here

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