Perfect Bagel-wich Vegan Lunch!

You've heard of the perfect storm, well this was the perfect lunch! A perfect bagel-wich vegan lunch. A panini-grilled bagel topped with roasted peppers, Daiya Cheese, tender avocado slices, a thick tomato slice, a swipe of Vegenaise and plenty of love.

I served this crusty delicious bite with my Frosted Strawberry Lemonade. This was the perfect post-painting lunch for me on a sunny spring day. I love lunch time in spring. Iced tea, sandwiches, lemonade, picnics, sunshine. Get my bagel-wich recipe and have your own perfect storm - er - I mean lunch..

Well yesterday I finally broke out the old easel and started a new oil painting for the first time in over a year. I decided I wanted a bright yellow and green "V" image to hang in my kitchen. So I started. Not done yet, but when I finish I'll surely share.

Now this lunch really hit the spot! (My dad always says that. Isn't it funny when you start sounding like your parents?) I used my trusty panini press to seal in all the yummy bagel-wich flavors. And my beloved Vitamix to whip up this frosty lemonade sip. Get my 3-ingredient Frosted Strawberry Lemonade recipe here.

perfect lunch for a sunny day..

Peppers and Cheese Bagel-wich
serves 2 - makes 2 bagel-wiches

2 bagels, sliced (brushed in EVOO) - (any flavor)
2 tsp Vegenaise
4 roasted red peppers (marinated in olive oil and garlic)
1/3 cup Daiya vegan cheese
1 avocado, sliced
a few grinds of black pepper
2 thick red tomato slices


1. Prep all your ingredients.

2. I like to toast my olive-oil-brushed sliced bagel on the panini press for a few minutes first before add the ingredients and fully "pressing" the bagel-wich. Note: you don't need a panini press - you can easily do this on your stove top or simply toast the bagel in your toaster - a toaster oven will easily melt the cheese.

3. Add the Vegenaise, avocado, peppers, pepper, tomato and cheese.

4. Toast until the bagel is toasty and the cheese lightly melted.


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