Bobby Flay Doing a Veggie Burger at BBP!

You heard it here first folks - Bobby Flay is finally giving in - or as he said - "I'm finally gonna break down" - to develop a veggie burger for his popular Bobby's Burger Palace chain of restaurants. My exclusive video-interview with the talented Bobby Flay..

First off, I hope we can all have positive words to Bobby! I mean this is huge for him - and exciting for veggie burger fans!! And I'm so appreciative that he has listened to the requests for a veggie burger! Really, I have nothing but love for Bobby. Lets hope more chefs will follow his lead.

This is fabulous news since many families love BBP - and kids and their parents will have the option to choose veg if they crave it! And this is just another sign of the cultural diet shift going on in America. I love that Bobby has caved! I mean just a few years back he was quoted by Vegetarian Star as saying "I'm just not interested." when asked about the possibility of a BBP veggie burger.

BBP. I reviewed BBP a while back and was sad that the sweet potato fries were amazing - the salad lovely - but no veggie burger! Read my full review with pics here.

And be sure to check out my exclusive interview I did with Bobby for Babble's Family Kitchen. Video Here. Bobby discusses 'sandwiches' and sandwich tips - he drops a few fabulous ideas - and yes, I had to frown when he was making non-veg sandwiches - but at least I squeezed my own vegan question into the interview! Bobby is such an inspiring and talented chef - I really can't wait to see the veggie burger that appears on the BBP menu!! Gold star for you Bobby!

Watch my video interview with Bobby Flay here.

UPDATE: 2014 -- still no veggie burger from Bobby! This makes me so sad I hope he does one eventually. Bobby we want a veggie burger! :)
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