Vegan Sunday Brunch!

Happy Sunday morning friends. I hope that before you head out to enjoy the day you can collapse at your kitchen table and feast on a friendly Sunday brunch with the fam. Here are a few of my Vegan Sunday Brunch ideas and how I'm spending my sunny (sort've) weekend...

OK, so last night I had to switch back into my winter coat and boots. But during the day .. I was all spring-ed out in my flip flops, sunglasses, tank top and spring sweater. It was fabulous. Even if I was freezing in just a few hours after we started our stroll.

My husband and I took a long walk down to Pier 25 here in NYC. It had been rumored that there was a mini golf course opening up this spring - and since there are literally NO mini golf courses in the city - we decided to venture down there and see for ourselves if it was open. Plus the walk was fun. We saw the beautiful course - but it was closed. However, if you have kids and live in the city - there is an awesome kids playground. Wow, swings, jungle gyms, climbing towers, spaceship-looking things and more. Super fun.

Here I am on the pier. If you squint, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. I was half-smiling because I was kinda freezing from the windy air!..

Blue Sky in SoHo. Spring is here? I hope so.

Now onto Vegan Sunday Brunch! Here are a few of my gave ideas..

1. Vegan Waffles (don't be afraid to try whole wheat or exotic grains!)

2. Tofu Scramble

3. Vegan Pancakes

4. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

5. Morning Melon Bowl

6. Cream o Wheat

7. Tempeh Morning Bagel

8. Vegan Fruit/Yogurt Parfait

9. Vegan Quiche

10. Breakfast Risotto

11. Tempeh Bacon

12. Muffins with Lemon Curd

13. Breakfast Carrot Cake Bars

14. Peanut Butter, Banana Toast (simple starts - #4 in my 5 secrets to a healthy happy 2011)

15. Vegan Chocolate Fruit Panini

And of course .... vegan smoothies!!

Or if you are really just not in the mood to cook (and you us cooks-of-the-house totally deserve a break once in a while!) - head over to "vegan brunch out" - my fave is at Le Pain Quotidien!..

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