St Patrick's Day Recipes! Vegan edition.

St Patrick s Day recipes are sprouting up all over the place, so here is my vegan edition of a few fun green-themed recipes for our favorite Irish holiday. Here are my Top Ten Green St Patrick's Day Recipes!..

2011 St Patrick's Day Recipes: Vegan Edition

1. Veganized Coconut Shamrock Shake
The only recipe I will ever 'copycat' from McDonald's! This coconut cream minty, hand-whipped shake is dreamy. (pictured above)

2. Spring Green Salad
This unique green salad is beautiful for a spring brunch or party - with unique savory sweet flavors from kiwi, pistachio, avocado, mint and more.

3. Lasagna Verde
Green Lasagna for St Patty's Day? Why not?! Dreamy Lemon Mache Pesto Sauce in each layer.

4. Mint Chocolate-Frosted Vegan Cupcakes
Here's a yummy treat - minty chocolate frosting tops these elegant vanilla cupcakes. Vegan cupcake salute to St Patrick's Day!

5. Green Juice!!
..healthy, festive and oh so cravable. Give "green juice" a try!

6. Mint Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Green Tea and green tea sandwiches anyone??

7. Spring Green Swirled Cupcakes with Colorful Frosting
Give your holiday a colorful boost of fun with these cheery vegan cupcakes. You can use natural food dyes (as shown above) Or vegan food dyes from India Tree.

8. Beachy Green Pesto Pizza
Try a pesto pizza for your green feast. You an even add some broccoli and vegan cheese if you'd like!

9. ..Just the Cabbage!
Corned Beef and Cabbage is all the rage for St Patty's Day - among the meat eaters - but I like to just grab the cabbage part! My fave cabbage cole slaw recipes:
Zesty Lemon
Purple Cabbage (and fried pickles!)
Seedy Tahini Slaw

10. Green Dips
Try these fave green dips for your St Patrick's Day party. Love them all..
Spinach Dip
Lemony Guacamole
Sunny Asparagus Dip
Green Dream Dip
Green Pepita Almond Dip

Bonus #11 ..I always like a few bonus recipes..
And why not start off your St Patrick's Day with a Minty Cocoa - before the spring weather warms up and you need to make it 'iced'!..

Bonus #12
Green Food Coloring (from veggies!) ..for all your green baking needs..
For cakes, cookies and frosting - try this all-natural way to color your goodies green! Perfect for your green themed St Patrick's Day recipes.

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