Fizzy Blood-Orangeade

Get ready to toast to the first day of spring (just a few weeks away on March 20th) with my Fizzy Blood Orangeade drink! Fizzy ginger ale meets fresh-squeezed blood orange and navel citrus juice. On the rocks.

I have been loving the extra doses of warm sunshine that have been sprouting through my windows lately. It reminds me that spring is just around the corner! And I'll need plenty of healthy, happy beverage options on hand. Here is a new favorite recipe (lots of fizzy photos too)...

Bringing Back the Orangeade. I remember my mom used to always make my sister and I tall fizzy orangeade drinks during the hot California summer days. She'd mix fresh OJ with lemon-lime soda and lots of hand-crushed ice. I LOVED it. And since the memory popped into my head, I had to bring back the orangeade. This time with some beautiful blood oranges..

3/4 cup fizzy ginger ale (high quality glass bottle stuff)
3/4 cup blood orange juice (fresh, about 3 blood oranges)
1/4 cup orange juice (fresh, about 1 orange)
3/4 cup ice
1 tall frosted glass + straw

tip! This bevie makes an excellent mimosa mixer! Just add 1 part sparkling wine to 1 part of this orangeade. I made this last night with some leftover rose champagne. Awesome cocktail.

Inspiration: Fresh squeezed blood orange juice..

squeeze these..

pour this...

get this...

Citrus delights..

fizzy bubbles..

Cook time: 3 minutes

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