Academy Awards Nominee-Inspired Menu. Yay Movies!

Here is my Academy Awards Nominee-Inspired Menu. Black Swan Cupcakes, The Social Network Spicy Appletini and more. Find out which recipes I pair with my favorite nominated flicks..

I adore the Academy Awards! I am a huge fan of film. Movies not only entertain us, but transform the way we see the world and interact in it. It's just a movie. But it's so much more. You could actually say the same thing about food! It's just food. But it's so much more.

So in tribute to my favorite nominees this year, I give you a few recipe selections - and a dash of my film commentary..

Academy Awards Nominee-Inspired Menu

*pick and choose from the movie-inspired recipes below to add some fun to your Oscar viewing party!*

Beverage: "The Social Network" Spicy Appletini
Appetizer: "Inception" Avo-Beet-Pea Shoot Salad
Entree: "True Grit" Spicy Vegan Chili paired with Buttery-Maple Cornbread
Entree: "The Kids Are All Right" Broccoli Cheese Pizza
Soup: "Rabbit Hole" Carrot Ginger Soup
Side: "Fighter" Savory Roasted Crispy Taters
Fun Snack: "Toy Story 3" Sticky Sweet Popcorn Balls
Dessert: "Black Swan" Cupcakes
Post-Meal Hot Bevie: "Winter's Bone" Minty Creme Cocoa

1. Black Swan, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Black and White Black Swan Cupcakes
Thoughts: I adored this ballerina-gone-bad, edgy, artistic flick. My prediction is that Natalie has the "best actress" category in the bag. Natalie probably didn’t gobble up cupcakes while she was training for her role. Tights, tutus and toe shoes don’t always mix with butter-cream frosting. But now that Natalie is a glowing, pregnant, mom-to-be, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind grabbing a few of these frosted delights – she deserves it!

2. The Social Network, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Spicy Appletini
Thoughts: I loved this movie because it is so timely. My favorite lines: "Mark, you're not an asshole. You just try so hard to be." and "Mark, dating you is like dating a Stairmaster." I hope The Social Network wins best picture. And in the movie, there is a memorable scene where it's "Apple-tinis all around" - thus my inspired bevie.

3. The Fighter, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Game-On Savory Roasted Taters
Thoughts: I've never actually been to a fight. But I imagine that at fights, they serve fried, crispy, finger foods. French fries, onion rings and such. Well here's my version of those eats. These savory crispy oven-roasted potatoes are full of spicy/savory/bold/fight-worthy flavor.

4. True Grit, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Vegan Chili paired with Buttery Maple Corn Bread
Thoughts: Though I haven't seen True Grit yet I can only imagine the cowboy-influenced western fare they dine on in the movie. And hearty slow-cooked beans get my vote here. This spicy, chunky vegan chili is perfectly gritty fare.

5. Inception, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Avocado Beet Pea Shoot Salad
Thoughts: Inception was a fun movie. Definitely a little dizzying with the special effects - but I love anything with Leo. This salad is a little "3D" inspired itself with its jutting green avocado and beet edges, laced with whimsical pea shoots.

6. Toy Story 3, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Sticky Sweet Popcorn Balls
Thoughts: If you are watching a movie - there must be popcorn. And instead of a giant tub of popcorn, for your Oscar party lets make these sticky sweet popcorn balls. Dainty and delicious. You can nibble a popcorn ball in even the sparkliest of Oscar dresses. This recipe is very kid-friendly - thus why I paired it with Toy Story 3. And btw, who knew animation could be so tragic (yet lovely and hilarious)? I was a mess when watching this flick. Waterworks. Fabulous movie.

7. Winter's Bone, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Minty Creme Cocoa
Thoughts: Have yet to see this film. But the title just sounds so chilling that an icy Peppermint Hot Cocoa mug seems like the perfect pairing.

8. Rabbit Hole,
Best Actress Nominee
The Recipe: Spicy Ginger Carrot Soup
Thoughts: Rabbits, carrots. ..Perfect. This twisted tragic tale deserves a warm, cozy, carrot, bunny-inspired soup.

9. The King's Speech,
Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Biscuits
Thoughts: Crumpets, digestives, scones, biscuits. These remind me of jolly old England. Thus why I added these tasty biscuits to my menu. Soft and tender with a hint of peppery spice. And I'm still on the fence about seeing The King's Speech. Anyone want to convince me??

10. The Kids Are All Right, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Cheesy Broccoli Pizza
Thoughts: Pizza is a perfect entree for your Oscar viewing party. But why not choose a kid-friendly pizza like this easy broccoli-cheese combo.

11. 127 Hours, Best Picture Nominee
The Recipe: Cheesy Spinach Dip
Thoughts: I want to see 127 Hours. But my movie-watching companion (aka my husband) won't see for it. It's the whole arm-chopping-off thing that terrifies him. I can't imagine why!.. So yes, hiking reminds me of healthy foods like spinach. So here is a lovely cheesy vegan spinach dip to add to your menu.

..or try my Red Carpet Ready Red Hot Bruschetta!!

Happy Oscar Night!! Which film are you rooting for??..

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