Mint Hot Chocolate

Rushing in from a freezing, frosty, icy January day I had a craving for some really good hot cocoa. So instead of making my traditional cinnamon/nutmeg spiced soy cocoa - I changed it up a bit with fresh mint. This minty invigorating drink combines rich, creamy vegan cocoa with the light, fresh flavor of mint - a melted swirl of soy cream on top.

Mint-Crème Soy Cocoa is was!

Cozy up to this recipe...

"Freezing, gray & gloomy out. My Cali-girl body rejects this weather & I have to coax it into a neutral state of misery w/ lotsa HOT bevies." - me, via tweet

Cold Weather Bevies. In case you haven't heard, it's freezing here in NYC. No, really actually freezing. The Monday (or Sunday, it keeps changing) low temperature is said to be 6 or 7 degrees. Wha? My sunshine-grown body is rejecting these silly notions of six degree weather. So to combat the cold, miserable excruciatingly chilly temps (yes I'm being a tad dramatic) I'll bundle myself up in 5 layers of sweaters, warm socks, fuzzy hat, mittens, scarf and high boots..

..And chug warm cocoa. It really does taste better when you come in from the cold. So amidst this icy January, I'll settle for this little warm pocket of happiness.

So bring on the hot cocoa. This one has a minty twist and dreamy layer of soy whipped cream that melts into the hot chocolate to create a rich crème foam.

..this cocoa is kinda like biting into a mint-chocolate candy. Creamy, soft, mild mint, bold chocolate notes. Refreshing. Warm. Easy!

Luscious cocoa and a hint of peppermint = cravable cocoa combo!..

Need Vegan Cocoa Advice? See my list of fave vegan cocoa brands.

Vosges Vegan Cocoa...

Organic Peppermint Extract..

Mint-Crème Soy Cocoa
vegan, makes two mugs

2 3/4 cups soy milk
4-5 Tbsp cocoa mix (the amount you would use for 2 servings)
*I used Vosges vegan Couture Cocoa
1/8 tsp peppermint extract
3 sprigs mint
soy whipped cream
fresh mint


1. Heat the milk in a soup pot. Melt the cocoa mix into the milk over medium-high heat.

2. Add 2 sprigs of mint directly to the pot - as well as the peppermint extract.

Fresh mint infused cocoa...

3. I like to add in a step where I gently whip my cocoa with a beater or milk frother. Makes the cocoa light and airy.

4. Lastly, strain the cocoa into two mugs - makes sure the fresh mint doesn't go in the mugs. Or actually, I had a little in my mug and it was fine.

Cocoa without the creme...

5. Garnish with soy cream - let it melt a bit then add a fresh swirl right on top. This gives a mint and cream effect. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Serve hot! Enjoy.

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