Happy Vegan Birthday to me! And a Babycakes Cake.

Today is my birthday! First off, thank you to everyone who sent my bday wishes via Facebook and Twitter! What a wonderful birthday weekend this has been so far. And an extra special feature to my bday this year: my Babycakes Vegan Birthday Cake! It's extra special to me (and not just because it's so delicious). Let me share my birthday weekend (and photos) with you!...

Last year my husband and I made Beachy Birthday Cupcakes (mid-snowstorm). But this year for the big 3-0, I wanted a special cake. And it seems almost unbelievable, but I have never had my very own full blown vegan birthday cake. Ever! ..until now.

There is something magical about your very own birthday cake.

Another reason why this cake is so special to me is because when I got married in Miami almost five years ago, while the venue was incredibly accommodating for vegan catering, they couldn't handle a vegan wedding cake. So our gorgeous cream and orange-flowered wedding cake was not vegan. Sad right?.. I wasn't able to taste my own wedding cake!! I ate a dessert made from soy and fruit that the Chef made special for me and my vegan guests. (pic below).. And here's my beautiful, but not vegan, aka inedible by me, wedding cake...

It seems vegan wedding cakes are so much more common now! Thank goodness for all the vegan brides out there.

So this year's Babycakes vegan birthday cake with soft purple frosting and elegant pink and cream stars is incredibly magical for me. because for once, I get to have my cake and eat it too!!!

Birthday Dinner. It's become a tradition to go to a Mexican place for my birthday. I wrote about this a few years ago. Sangria and guacamole. We went to Dos caminos in Meatpacking District. Dos Caminos is fabulously vegan-friendly. Guac, corn tortillas, vegan tacos, rice, veg black beans and sangria - plus a Babycakes Cake waiting for me at home! (what more could I possibly want?) I was thrilled to spend my bday with my husband, sister, brother-in-law and a long time bff. Fun night indeed!

Enjoy all my many birthday photos below
(cake, eats, pals, fun)..

Ready to celebrate...

En route to the fun via cab..

My Dos Caminos plate..

Adorable cards (I love kitties on my cards)..

Babycakes Cake time..

My kitty decided to attack a fallen candle..

happy vegan birthday girl...

OK, and now my cake-arazzi flash mob begins. More Cake photos!...

and even more pics (because I LOVE photos!)...

Posing with my beloved cake...

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