Curried Quinoa Wrap, Avo-Citrus Slaw. Fuel-Up!

My Spicy Curried Quinoa Wrap with mint, peas and Tahini-Avocado-Citrus Slaw is a tasty, and satisfying vegan recipe for lunch, dinner - or heck, even breakfast!

Yes, I know I'm going off the board by posting a not-a-traditional-holiday recipe a day before Christmas Eve. But I call this last-minute shopping fuel...

..even though I know you are all craving Snowball Cookies, Gingerbread Houses, Silver-Sprinkled Cupcakes, Mint-Chocolate Cocoa and Cranberry Muffins! Well I have you covered there too!..

..that's why I compiled this list of vegan holiday recipes. And with over 1800 vegan recipes on and even a special #Holiday section, you are surely stacked with recipes you are dying to try.

Fuel Up! So to get all your holiday baking, shopping, prepping and entertaining ready - try this healthy, flavorful wrap as lunchtime fuel! Protein-rich quinoa and peas meet spicy curry, citrus and tahini flavors. Plenty of veggies and heart-healthy-fat avocado slices. Throw it all on a whole wheat wrap and fold it up for a delicious plate.

I served my wrap with a spicy red pepper chutney... chutney would also be fabulous.

Learn how-to make fluffy quinoa every time!

Here's my fast vegan recipe...

Curried Quinoa Wrap with Avo-Citrus Slaw.
vegan, makes 3 wraps (plus leftover quinoa)

Curried Quinoa:
1 1/2 Tbsp Muchi Curry
1 Tbsp EVOO
2 tsp sea salt
2 1/3 cups dry, unrinsed quinoa
3 cups water
1/2 cup apple cider or orange juice

fold into cooked quinoa:
1 1/2 cups frozen peas (thawed or warmed)
1/2 cup salted cashews
1/2cup sweet onion, chopped
2 Tbsp rice vinegar
1/4 cup tahini (add less for fluffier quinoa)
1 satsuma or seedless tangerine, peeled/diced
2 Tbsp maple syrup (or agave)
1/4 cup chopped mint (optional)
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)

Avo-Citrus-Tahini Slaw:
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp orange juice
1 avocado, diced
1 tsp liquid smoke (optional)
1 cup shredded or matchstick carrots
1/2 cup shredded lettuce
2 Tbsp tahini


1. Prep your slaw and toss well. Place in fridge to marinate/chill until ready to assemble wraps.

2. Heat your quinoa ingredients (not toss-in ingredients though) on stove in large soup pot. Bring to a boil. Cover with lid and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for about 11 minutes. Turn off heat. Let sit, lid-on for about ten minutes. Lift lid and fluff with fork. Follow fluffy quinoa instructions here.

3. Add the toss-in ingredients to the still-hot soup pot. The warm quinoa will gently heat and cook these ingredients. Yet the onions and cashews will still stay nicely al dente.

4. Grab your extra large whole wheat wraps and start adding ingredients...

5. Fold up wrap and serve! I liked mine with a spicy red pepper chutney.

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