Chef Marcus Samuelsson's Vegan Holiday Recipe Idea!

I had the chance to ask Top Chef Masters winner, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, what vegan dish he would make this holiday season! Here's his answer via video! This is fun and inspiring!...

Chef Marcus via Video! I'm a big fan of Chef Samuelsson. Loved watching him win on Bravo's Top Chef Masters Season Two - so when I was asked if I wanted to have Marcus answer one of my holiday cooking questions via video (personalized for my HHL readers), I decided to throw a vegan curve ball his way!..

Q: Marcus, what would you cook for your vegan guests this festive holiday time of year?


So lets re-cap that delicious answer... Cooked whole chickpeas folded with cooked/pureed chickpeas and then add in some pomegranate flavors and nuts as well. Um, yum! I would never think of combining chickpeas/pomegranate/nuts. Add a side of pita bread and maybe my raw curried carrot salad and oh-my-yum! Sounds cozy and healthy. Thanks Marcus!

Thanks to the Marcus for taking the time to answer my question - and for giving me some yummy inspiration for a delicious holiday vegan dish! I'll have to try that.

Marcus's website:
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