What's Your Thanksgiving Style? And some inspiration!

For your Monday, a bit of fun and some inspiration as well - as I reflect on the upcoming holiday season...

Is it just me, or is the Thanksgiving holiday hype extra feisty this year? ..Or maybe I say that every year.

Well if you are among the feisty bunch, eager to dive right into Thanksgiving, check out my Vegan Thanksgiving Series from last year - it covers everything from dinner guests to cranberry sauce.

I'm eager as well - and I want to help you bring some vegan-chic style to your celebration this year! But for today, I'm taking a "just for fun" break, with my "What's your Thanksgiving Style" quiz below.

After the quiz, I share my holiday reflections. And how being vegan affects my Thanksgiving festivities each year...

Thanksgiving: Too Much, Too Soon?
I guess I am guilty of 'festive fall' syndrome - I have already posted my fair share of pumpkin-themed recipes. But what I'd like, is to start thinking about the holidays - without feeling the pressure of the ticking clock. Hmm, is that possible?

Sometimes we deal with holiday stress by procrastinating. "I'll worry about it later."

But procrastination can be risky if you really want to "go big" with your celebration. Lets face it, a homestyle Thanksgiving Day feast doesn't just make itself, and those prime Thanksgiving Day reservations book up - oh and while I'm at it, you know, those holiday presents don't just wrap themselves and appear in the living room, as if delivered by some magic man in a red puffy snowsuit. Or do they???...

Just remember, the holidays are supposed to be fun! And we're all in this together. And it's not a competition. Dueling Thanksgiving feast tables .. that could be more entertaining than Tday football!

Before jumping into the holidays, pause and reflect on how you can help yourself to have a more enjoyable holiday season. (or pat yourself on the back for perfecting your personal holiday rhythm.)

I've created the fun little quiz above to help you discover your Thanksgiving Style. Are you a Martha Stewart 2.0? A Hard to Please Foodie? The "I'm not picky" guest? Or a true Thanksgiving-style Scrooge? Have some fun and take my quiz .. and then you can start stressing (or not) about your holiday plans.

My Vegan Thanksgiving style reflections..

My results? I think I swap back and forth between the foodie and the Martha Stewart every year. I grew up, like most kids, being shuttled to family events or having a big family feast at home. But as I grew up I found Thanksgiving to be a bit painful - since I really couldn't enjoy the traditional "Turkey Day" fare on the table. And by the time I was in college, I decided that simply ignoring the holiday was less painful than celebrating it! I'd call in sick to the big family feast. But alas, I only did this a few times - until I really got sick of missing out.

Eventually I embraced the fact that I'd rather be eating my meal with the Turkeys, than eating a Turkey! And I decided I wouldn't hide my love of animals and dissatisfaction with Thanksgiving traditions. Instead I would bring my own vegan dishes and show my friends and family that being vegan can be a blessing. And while today I've gotten a lot better at explaining "vegan" at the dinner table - it can still be a somewhat alienating experience - to be honest. So thank goodness for vegan food. And my friends and family who will happily enjoy a vegan Thanksgiving feast with me at home..

..or at a favorite vegan restaurant .. I've enjoyed Pure Food and Wine, Blossom, Candle 79 and Josie's (NYC) holiday menus in the past.

But remember, if you miss out on a big celebration for Thanksgiving - there is always December for festive fun!

So get ready kids, the holidays are approaching. And I want to help you bring some vegan-chic style to your celebration this year. Stay tuned to my blog for fun, festive recipes and vegan holiday ideas!

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