Vegan Holiday Recipes 2010

As we sail towards Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year - there's one common joy that gets us all through this holiday season with a wide smile on our faces - the food! Vegan treats, holidays feasts, cocktail parties and more...

And in my case, that means having a plethora of healthy, delicious, easy/go-to, vegan recipes on hand for any festive occasion. Get my Vegan Holiday 2010 Recipe Ideas...

Here are my hand-selected picks that will make your holiday table shine this year...

Vegan Holiday Recipes 2010

IPhone Users: my Dip Diva IPhone App will be your best friend whenever you are entertaining. Easy vegan dip and cheese recipes are at your fingertips! Your party just got better! (and easier) Get Dip Diva here!

12 Days of Vegan Treats, 2009:
* Complete series listing here
* Holiday Tangerine French Toast
* Coconut Snowball Cookies
* Fried Golden Fuyus
* Cinnamon Flutes
* Walnutcracker Spice Cookies
* Snowy Spelt Sugar Cookies w/ Cashew Cream Frosting

Menu Ideas:

* Butternut Squash Citrus Dip
* Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cheese
* Savory Mushroom Bean Balls
* Easy-Cheesy Vegan Spinach Dip
* Salty Baked Chestnuts
* Sweet Maple Garlic Almond Spread/Dip
* Sunny Asparagus Tapenade
* Bullseye Spiral Wraps
* Three recipes for Vegan Stuffing
* Cuc-Mint-Wasabi Tea Sandwiches
* Perfect Butternut Squash Dip
* Better Party Mix
* Elegant Radishes and Butter Crackers
* Sweet & Pepper Toasted Nuts
* Veggie Cheesy Quesadilla Triangles
* Black & White Panini Triangles
* Apple-Cheese Panini Triangles
* Crispy Panko Green Bean Fries

* Cranberry Sauce - 2 ways
* Winter White Fruit Salad
* Purple Power Fruity Fig Salad
* Apple Tahini Brocco Slaw Salad
* Curried Carrot Salad
* Marinated Watermelon Radish Salad
* Fall Forward Seasonal Salad - dried apples, cranberries, nuts, greens
* Lemon-Balsamic Portobello Mushroom Salad
* Medi Couscous Salad w/ Tahini Dressing
* Balsamic Spinach and Shiitake Shrooms Salad
* Triple-Spiced Potatoes Au Gratin
* Roasted Sage Butternut Squash
* Fennel Arugula Citrus Avo Salad
* Avo Beet Pea Shoot Salad
* Deviled Avocados

* Rustic Tofu Veggie Pot Pie
* Currant Maple Citrus Loaf
* Acorn Squash Alfredo Pasta
* Cheezy Broccoli over Golden Quinoa
* Harvest Sage Red Quinoa
* Coco-Almond Quinoa Risotto w/ mushroom Saffron Gravy
* New Year's Soba Noodles
* Vegan Cashew-Ricotta Veggie-Tofu Lasagna
* Cranberry-Soy Tofu
* Vegan Tofu Herbed Quiche
* Triple S Risotto
* Pesto Pasta Bake

Dessert: (see 12 days of vegan treats for more)
* Molasses Ginger Cookies
* Melted Chocolate Persimmon Panini
* Vegan Pumpkin Pie from scratch
* Cool Mint Chocolate Rice Crisp Squares
* Apple Dumpling Cinnamon Rolls
* Chocolate Pomegranate Pie
* Pumpkin-Cheesecake Swirled
* Vegan Classic Rice Pudding
* Tofu-chino Espresso Mousse Parfaits
* Cocoa-Mix Nut Cookies
* Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake
* Pear Right-Side-Up Cake
* Double Dark Choco Mousse Pie
* Minty Smores Brownies
* Melted Chocolate Persimmon Panini

* Pom-Champagne Spritzer (w/ fresh Pom Juice)
* Pumpkin Spice Latte
* Pomegranate Pink Smoothie
* Spicy Carrot Mimosa
* Ginger-Pear Juice Shooters
* Zen Smoothie
* Cocoa Guide and Soy Mocha (or Soy Cocoa!)
* Spiced Vanilla Bean Soy Nog 2010

My five new holiday smoothies and shakes! -> Holiday Smoothies!

I will be adding more recipes to this list as December progresses! So bookmark it now for easy reference.

Browse my Recipe Index for additional holiday-worthy vegan recipes!


Gena Hamshaw's Veggie Girl Power Interview!

I'm kicking off my 2010 Veggie Girl Power interview series with the talented Gena Hamshaw. Gena is a clinical nutritionist, a book editor and author of the popular blog Choosing Raw, where she encourages a semi-raw foods and animal-friendly lifestyle. Four words to describe Gena: vibrant, fun, real and smart. Get to know Gena!..

Meeting Gena. Although I just met Gena a few weeks ago, I feel like I've known her for years. I love how there is usually an instant bond between veggie ladies, and meeting Gena was no exception. Plus we are both NYC-based vegan food bloggers.

Gena and I spent a few days in LA together at the Dole Food & Wellness Blogger Summit, and became instant friends. I realized how alike we were when Gena confessed to me that she told the travel agent that she didn't want to sit next to me on the flight over because "what if we didn't like each other!" Ironically, I was thinking the exact same thing about her. (ha!) I'd now gladly share an airplane row with Gena any day of the week.

From Gena, I've learned to look honesty in the face, get a good laugh out of it, and maybe even learn something from it.

Gena's VGP Spirit. Gena is a smart, strong, hilariously engaging, charismatic, beautiful veggie girl who I am proud to feature. I simply love meeting someone like Gena who is anything but 'quiet'. Get to know Gena...

Veggie Girl Power Interview: Gena Hamshaw, Clinical Nutritionist and Blogger

1. DRIVE: Yawn, sunrise, what is the first food/drink you reach for to start your "Veggie Girl Power" day?

Gena: Water. Then coffee. Are you shocked I didn't say green juice?

2. SKILLS: What foods/veg products have you discovered that you simply couldn't live without?

Gena: Too many to name! But I would be lost without nutritional yeast, tahini, Justin's individual packets of almond butter (great for work and travel), shelled hemp seeds, and Vega's Whole Foods Optimizer in the Vanilla Chai flavor. I'm also pretty partial to Vega bars.

3. HEART: As a "Veggie Girl Power" trailblazer you inspire many girls, who or what has inspired you?

Gena: Again, too many to name! In terms of my foundational ethics as a vegan, I owe a lot to Peter Singer. Vegans who have been studying animal rights issues for a long time inspire me, too, and in that category I'd have to say that my boyfriend is pretty damn inspiring.

Culinarily, I adore Ani Phyo, Sarma Melngailis and Kristen Helmstetter. They're talented, enthusiastic, and outspoken about veganism in the best and most positive of ways. I've learned a lot from Dreena Burton, and hope that, if I ever have a family, I'll be as inspiring a vegan mom as she is. I don't think I'd know half of what I know about vegan cooking without Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Sarah Kramer, so they'd go on the list, too. Susan of FatFree Vegan Kitchen is remarkably talented.

As a blogger, I'm constantly inspired by the company I keep -- vegan AND omni. To list blogger friends would take forever and inevitably exclude too many, but suffice is to say that being part of the food blogging community is constant motivation to keep improving myself and what I do.

4. EXPERIENCE: When people ask you why you 'went VEG' what is your usual answer?

Gena: I always say it was a combination of health, personal psychology, and ethics. The first two motives came first. Ethics entered the picture later and quickly became the animating force of my veganism when they did. I suppose it would be right to say that I became vegan for health and peace of mind, and I've evolved as a vegan--and intend to remain a vegan--because of compassion.

5. CREATIVITY: Anyone can eat carrot sticks and hummus, but give us your most creative/oddball vegan snack idea!

Gena: I'm actually not much of a snacker! More of a giant meal eater. But I do tend to love juice pulp (what's leftover from juicing) mashed with avocado, lemon juice, and salt. Yum.

6. DEDICATION: When you first "went veg" what was the hardest part? - and how did you overcome those obstacles?

Veganizing my wardrobe and personal care products was the hardest part, and I'm actually still evolving in that department -- I haven't yet mastered clothes shopping as a vegan, and I work on it a lot.

The food part was easy, mostly because veganism truly does appeal to my tastes (there's no food that I "miss") and because I'm comfortable being outspoken--I never experienced a sense of social discomfort announcing my choice.

7. WISDOM: Words to live by: what is a favorite life tip or quote of wisdom?

Gena: "Know thyself." It's been ascribed to too many dead Greek people for us to attribute it properly, but who cares? Words to live by.

8. GRACE: How do you respond to negative comments from critics, in real life or online?

Gena: Usually I'm far more angered on the inside than I'll let on. I have strong reactions to negativity that's ignorant or wrongheaded, but I also try to remember that embittered dialogs don't accomplish much. My main goal is to see vegans and non-vegans having productive and enlightening conversations with each other, and I consider it my duty as someone who writes about veganism to always turn a negative remark into an opportunity to set a good example.

I also try not to let any strong opinions of mine--and believe me, I have them--cloud my sense of fairness, especially when I'm dealing with people who simply have no cultural context in which to examine veganism with an open mind.

It's also important to remember than 99.9% of the criticism one receives as a blogger--at least, ignorant and nasty criticism--is a reflection of the emotional life of the person hurling insults. Truly content people don't typically feel compelled to make small-minded attacks.

9. PASSION: What is the one message that you always try to project to your fans/followers?

Gena: Well, passion is the message I try to project most! I'm passionate about veganism and about self-care, and I try to share that with others--it's what my blog, Choosing Raw, is all about. I'm also passionate about setting a confidant example for other women, especially young women. I realized early on as a vegan that more women I knew tended to have a hard time embracing veganism because they were concerned about how it would be socially received, or about how their boyfriends and family members would react.

I try to show my women readers that it's healthy and important to embrace an identity that's in keeping with one's own beliefs, even if it's occasionally at odds with the world views of the people around you. Ultimately, any loved one of yours should support and respect your values.

10. PERSONALITY: Who would you award the "Veggie Girl Power" label to? And what have you learned from them?

Gena: Wow. Way to force impossible choices upon me, Kathy!

I'd also want to show some love to Jenny Brown at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, to Chloe Jo Berman, to Ginny Messina of the Vegan RD (, who has written some superb explanations of the science of vegan nutrition lately, and to Veg News columnist Laura Beck, for being sassy, smart, outspoken, and a fabulous example of vegan ardor.

Bonus Holiday Question: Veggie Girl Advice! - How do you get through the (not-always-veg-friendly) holiday season smiling and feeling fabulous from the inside-out?

By avoiding the buffet table?

No, seriously: holidays aren't too rough for me. I always come to cocktail parties with a snack, so that I'm not feeling left out if there are no crudites. And my friends and family all know and respect my choices, so I usually have a vegan option wherever I go.

And if I don't? Big deal. I can eat when I get home. The holidays are, let's remember, not only about food: they're about good company and good spirits, and one night without a cornucopia of vegan options is hardly going to dampen my mirth.

Hear more from Gena on her blog:

Complete VGP Series Schedule 2010
Lats Years VGP Series 2009

Gena and I at the DOLE Summit...


Cranberry Almond Swirl Muffins. Vegan Muffin Bliss!

My Cranberry Almond Swirl Muffins will make you feel all warm and cozy inside!

This vegan muffin recipe is the perfect use for any leftover cranberry sauce you may have in your fridge after the holidays - or anytime of year. Sweet-tart cranberries mingle with nutty, fresh almonds. A hint of cinnamon-cayenne spice brings the festive flavors to life.

Brunch Approved! My husband and I gobbled down two muffins each this past Sunday morning. Paired with fresh fruit and a hot soy-mocha - we were set until an early Sunday supper rolled around. Try my recipe...

Inspiration is Everywhere. A few days ago I had a friend ask me about almond flour as a gluten-free alternative. Memories of my almond meal muffins danced in my head and I responded with enthusiastic raves about "almond meal" - similar to almond flour.

Almond Meal. So my next shopping trip, I picked up a bag of almond meal and used it in this recipe. I love the hearty, butty almond flavor and texture. I replace about 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of almond meal in my 'basic muffin recipe'. Give it a try and get inspired by this versatile baking ingredient!

Swirled with leftover cranberry sauce...

Gluten-Free version.
You can easily make this recipe gluten free by swapping out the flour and using a GF flour (your fave variety should work). Spelt flour would be a nice choice if you are spelt-tolerant.

Here's my recipe...

Cranberry Almond Swirl Muffins
vegan, makes 12 muffins

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup almond meal
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cayenne (opt'l)

2 Tbsp agave syrup
1/2 cup cinnamon applesauce
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 cup soy milk (or other plant milk)
1/3 cup canola oil

1 1/2 cup frozen cranberries (mine were lightly sweetened)
3/4 cup leftover homemade cranberry sauce

2 Tbsp crushed almonds (topping)

*My cranberry sauce was a thin consistency. Gelled or canned sauce won't work as well, unless you heat it up to 'melt' it a bit. You really want a sauce that is chunky with fresh cranberries, yet nice and thin so that it swirls into the batter.
*You can probably use dried cranberries instead of frozen - however I'd rehydrate them in 1/3 cup of water before adding to batter - so that they don't dry out the muffins.


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Add all the dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Toss well.

3. Add the wet ingredients to the bowl - all except for the frozen cranberries and cranberry sauce. Fold well.

4. Fold in the frozen cranberries. then swirl in the cranberry sauce.

5. Pour the batter into lined or oiled muffin tins.

6. Sprinkle the crushed almonds over top the muffins. You can sprinkle a dash of sugar over each muffin as well (optional).

7. Bake at 375 for 22 minutes.

8. Remove from oven. Cool. Enjoy!


Veggie Girl Power Interview Series 2010!

Last year I did my very first Veggie Girl Power Interview Series. It featured a few of my veggie girl idols like Marilu, Chloe Jo, Rory, Sarma, Amanda Cohen, Erin McKenna and more. I had so much fun celebrating the strength, grace and wisdom of these superwomen that I knew I had to make my VGP series an annual event. After weeks of planning, I'm excited to unveil this year's Veggie Girl Power ladies. Lets meet them! And see the Interview Series Schedule...

What is Veggie Girl Power?? This series celebrate female trailblazers who Inspire Us! These veg-superstars are women with experience, wisdom, creativity, skills, heart, passion, grace, drive, dedication and personality!

Inspired! Again. And a few months ago I was at a panel event here in NYC and finally met Chloe Jo Berman for the first time in person. She told me how much she loved my first VGP series and said I should definitely do another one. Well nothing like a little inspiration from Chloe Jo to kick me into gear. The next day I got to work on my wish list of ladies to interview for this year's series. I sent out invites and today I am announcing them to you!..

Series Schedule: Veggie Girl Power 2010

Nov 30th - Gena Hamshaw
Dec 1st - Chloe Coscarelli
Dec 3rd - Susan Voisin
Dec 5th - Carolyn Scott
Dec 7th - Ani Phyo
Dec 8th - Heather Mills
Dec 11th - Alex Jamieson

Dec 13th - Isa Chandra *sorry Isa is not in the header VGP image above! She was a bonus add-in. Photos will be in her interview (and I snuck one in below)

I couldn't be more thrilled about this year's line-up of ladies!

Here's a brief intro to the ladies you'll meet in this year's Veggie Girl Power series...

* Chloe is a bubbly vegan cupcake superstar ingenue who conquered Cupcake Wars on the Food Network - and has been in the veg spotlight ever since! She has been featured in VegNews, The New York Times, on her website and more. Chloe Coscarelli has some serious Veggie Girl Power!

*Ani has a fantastic line-up of raw vegan books featuring creative, delicious, healthy and easy recipes. She was recently featured in Food & Wine Magazine. Ani's website is an inspiring resource for fresh ideas and fabulous recipes. Ani Phyo glows with Veggie Girl Power spirit.

*Susan of has been gathering veggie fans for a while now. She was recently crowned "Favorite Blogger" in the 2010 VegNews Veggie Awards - A title she has held since 2007! Her blog is filled with gorgeous food photography, fun stories and amazing recipes. Susan Voisin shares her Veggie Girl Power everyday.

*Heather really needs no introduction. Her passionate voice and message of compassion has been featured everywhere - Heather's devotion to animal rights and vegan living has inspired millions all over the world. Heather was the VegNews Person of the Year in 2009. Heather's website showcases her many achievements in making the world a better place for both animals and humans. She even showed off her grace by appearing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars - Heather Mills sparkles with Veggie Girl Power!

*Gena, an NYC food blogger,, and clinical nutritionist, is one of those super-fun ladies who speaks her mind without hesitation. And when she does, everyone pays attention! I met Gena at the Dole Summit this past month and knew I had to include her in this year's series. Gena's Veggie Girl Power vibes will empower veggie girls everywhere.

*Alex, a multi-talented vegan chef and author, first appeared to many of us on 'the big screen' in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. And ever since then she has been an authority on healthy vegan cooking and living. Her website, showcases her impressive vegan path. Alex has been seen on Oprah, The Final Word, 30 Days and The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble. Alexandra Jamieson lives and breathes the Veggie Girl Power spirit.

*Carolyn is a bubbly, ambitious vegan entrepreneur who travels the world seeking the best vegan travel has to offer - all so that she can share her finds with her fans on Carolyn has her own radio show and a vast collection of vegan travel videos on her site. If you ever need vegan travel advice - Carolyn is your go-to girl. Carolyn Scott travels far and wide with her vibrant Veggie Girl Power spirit!

*Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the author of several best-selling cookbooks: Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Veganomicon, Vegan Brunch, and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Isa's website Post Punk Kitchen is a vegan online mecca. For my 27th birthday, my sister bought me Veganomicon - a few months later I started my blog. Thanks for the veggie girl *inspiration* Isa.

2009. And be sure to check out last year's Veggie Girl Power Interviews and "Best of" VGP post!..

VGP 2009...

Sarma Melngailis
Chef Amanda Cohen
Marilu Henner
Rory Freedman
Chloe Jo Berman
Karina Allrich
Kristen Suzanne
Erin McKenna
"Best Of" VGP 2009


Dole Food and Wellness Bloggers Summit Wrap-Up

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Dole Wellness and Nutrition Blogger Summit at the Four Seasons and Dole Nutrition Institute in Westlake Village California, about an hour outside LA. When invited to the event I was thrilled to get an insider's tour of the Dole company - a brand built by passionate people who love fruits and veggies just as much as me!

Ahead, my photos and 28 Wellness Lessons Learned from the Summit...

By the end of the summit, I was feeling quite warm and fuzzy about the Dole brand and their healthy values. (yes, I was drinking the KoolAid and loving it!) But seriously, Dole is committed to helping advance the health and wellness of the world. And what better way to improve people's lives than by feeding them fruits and veggies. And lots of them!..

Take-Home Big Picture Lesson: "Eat more fruits and veggies everyone!"

And again just in case you were skimming... "Eat more fruits and veggies everyone!"

Summit Eats. Dole practices what they preach because we were fed well! I gobbled up a lot of yummy fruits/veggies on this trip. It was easy to eat well. Plus, when you are talking about health/nutrition with other like-minded people, all you want to do is embrace health and wellness and share those healthy vibes with others!

Insider's Tour. The summit was enriching, eye-opening and fun! Visiting the Dole Cafeteria, the Dole Test Kitchen and meeting the many passionate Dole employees was a truly inspiring experience.

Food Bloggers are a Unique Bunch (love 'em)! I was thrilled to meet talented food bloggers from all over the country (list at the end of this post).

Lessons Learned. I learned nutrition tips, quips and facts - which I'd like to share with you. (facts follow my photos below)

Dole Blogger Summit Photos - Full Slideshow..

Yawn! Rise at 4am to board my JFK -> LAX flight. Kiss the kitty and hubby and out the door. And off we go.

I love a shiny California sunrise to get my day started...

So many amazing food bloggers at the summit..

My new vegan-NYC blogger BFF Gena from Choosing Raw...

Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen (love her!) and me...

Gena and I enjoying our vegan lunch...

We were fed plentiful amounts of glorious, healthy salads. Yes!..

Dole Cafeteria Salad Bar plate (eaten in the sunshine, by a waterfall)...

Taking photos was second nature to everyone at the summit. Ah, I love food bloggers!..

Must, get, angle, just, right...

Love these sweet ladies (Jennifer & Brooke)..

Me photog-ing in elevator of course..

There was even a Chopped-style challenge cookoff, I presented our dish...

Dessert Bruschetta: Dark Chocolate Crostini topped with Lime-Basil Marinated Pineapple w/ a Spicy Mango Coconut Milk Sauce..

...but don't worry, the judges liked it! In fact, we won our round...

..did I mention we all ate a lot of delicious salad??..

Nutrition Lecture Time! Good thing nutrition is my favorite subject...

The Dole Panel. Smarties...

28 Nutrition Lessons From the Dole Summit:

1) Eat Less Meat. The simple idea is to put less animal protein on your plate. And switch to a more plant-based diet. Vegans are on par here!

2) Veg Life: It's Getting Better. In the next 20-30 years it is predicted that more vegetarian/vegan food will be available and predominant. But this change will not happen overnight. Progress is happening all around us everyday though.

3) Eat Breakfast! There are several reasons to eat breakfast each day. 1) It perks up your metabolic rate and establishes your "point of satiation for the day". 2) Studies show that people who eat breakfast eat 25% less calories during the rest of the day than those who skip breakfast. 3) Breakfast has been shown to help improve cognitive ability - which is important for kids and school.

4) Eat Often, but don't obsess. There is not much evidence to support the "you must eat every 2 hours" theory. However, eating one big meal a day can mess up your insulin levels by spiking them at your 'big meal of the day'. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep your insulin levels in check.

5) What's a Healthy Breakfast?
Try non-processed oatmeal, fresh fruit and soy milk. Maybe a few nuts or almond butter too.

6) Avoid Instant Oatmeal. Instant oatmeal packets are usually high in sodium, sugar and preservatives. Stick with the natural stuff and add your own custom flavorings so you control the salt/sugar content.

7) Drink Soy! Dole encourages the use of soymilk. Studies say that soy does protect against cancer if you get two servings a day.

8) Eat Blueberries. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, and have a wide range of health-improving properties. All berries are "eat more" foods.

9) Frozen or Fresh. Don't be afraid of frozen fruit. It is often just as healthy as fresh fruit - and sometimes more! Sometimes flash-frozen fruit retains vitamins better than fresh fruit, which can sit on a store shelf and travel before reaching your kitchen.

10) Cook Veggies with Care. Could you imagine cooking pasta and simply throwing it on a plate without flavoring it? Bland, right? Well some people do just that with veggies. (While some of us do like au-natural veggies) you can easily boost veg flavor by cooking/seasoning veggies with care. Spices, herbs, vinegar, a touch of salt, pepper and more can all boost your veggie-eating experience.

11) Cut Back on Saturated Fat. Men should have no more that 16g of saturated fat a day - women and kids, 10g a day! Plant-based foods are usually lower in saturated fat than animal products.

12) Heart Disease in Women.
Heart Disease kills more women than breast cancer each year.

13) Get the Facts!
A great consumer website for getting nutrition facts:

14) Breakfast Idea! Yes, simple almond butter and toast plus banana is an excellent healthy breakfast. Choose bread that is high in fiber and whole grains.

15) Healthy Homemade Holiday Gift. Make homemade granola and wrap it in festive wrapping to give as gifts.

16) Too Much Cheese. In 1920 Americans were eating 3 lbs of cheese a year. Today we are eating 32 lbs of cheese a year - that's per person.

17) Eat More Fruit and Veggies! Only 40% of Americans are eating enough fruit. And only 5% of Americans are eating enough vegetables per day.

18) Healthy Cafeteria.
The Dole cafeteria is a good model. It serves no red meat, no fried foods and limited amounts of low-fat dairy. All a part of DEW (Dole Employee Wellness).

19) Dole Trends! Check out Dole's new Garden Kit, donated Salad Bars in Schools, - newly relaunched, Dole on the Go, and the Dole Fruit/Veg Counting Book for kids.

20) Go With Fiber. Listen to the "story of fiber" as it becomes more complex - and beneficial to one's health - studies are finding. There are different types of fiber. One that is "prebiotic fiber" which helps feed the healthy bacteria in your intestines.

21) Eat More Plants for Less Calories. Want to lose or maintain your body weight? Load up your plate with fruits and veggies.

22) Poor Economy is Good for Something!
More people are buy whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains. Consumers are trending away from loading their shopping carts with processed foods, which can often be more expensive. Buying whole foods can save you money.

23) Easy Fruit Salad Recipe. Take a can of Dole Pineapple and toss with assorted fresh chopped fruit. The dole Pineapple juice will keep the fresh fruit bright and zesty while resisting browning.

24) Cabbage is Great! Eat more cabbage, slaws - rich in fiber, vitamins and phytochemicals.

25) Lesson Learned: "You really cannot eat too many vegetables!" Use your grocery money to buy lots of fruits/veggies instead of exotic expensive ones.

26) A Few Eye-Opening Nutrition Facts.
-Eating the recommended amount of fruits/veggies is on par with not smoking.
-80% of cancer is caused by poor nutrition, inactivity, obesity, and cancer-causing agents in our food (like sodium nitrates and nitrites)
-33% of women and 50% of men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
-90% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented by eating more fruit/veggies.
-Average adult only eats 2 servings of fruit/veg a day! Needed: 3 fruits and 7 veggies.

27) Eat Healthy-Fat Nuts. But don't go overboard. 1oz. is about 10-12pieces.

28) Small Steps: Don't Get Frustrated. Small goals are better because they lead to large changes over time! Small steps are the key to improving your lifestyle wellness.

Food Bloggers at the Event:

* Shaina Olmanson (Food for My Family), @FoodforMyFamily
* Gena Hamshaw (ChoosingRaw), @ChoosingRaw
* Jennifer Leal (Savoring the Thyme), @SavorTheThyme
* Brooke McClay (Cheeky Kitchen), @CheekyKitchen
* Susan Whetzel (She’s Becoming DoughMessTic), @doughmesstic
* Anne-Marie Nichols (This Mama Cooks!), @amnichol
* Katie Goodman (Good Life Eats), @GoodLifeEats
* Sandy Coughlin (Reluctant Entertainer), @SandyCoughlinRE
* Anne Petraeus (Fannetastic Food), @fANNEtasticfood
* Maria Lichty (Two Peas and Their Pod), @TwoPeasandPod
* Jenny Flake (Picky Palate), @PickyPalate
* Marla Meridith (Family Fresh Cooking), @MarlaMeridith
* Shanna Coady (My Favorite Everything), @MyFavEverything
* Amanda Bottoms (Kevin and Amanda), @kevinandamanda
* Lori Falcon (A Cowboy’s Wife), @acowboyswife
* Amanda Acuna (Mommy Mandy), @mommymandy
* Rachael Hutchings (La Fuji Mama) @LaFujiMama

A special thanks to DOLE, Chris Y, Four Seasons Westlake and all the folks who helped organize this summit. It was a truly inspiring few days!

Peruse DOLE.COM for lots of nutrition facts and recipe ideas!

-Facts From: All the above facts were quoted from the Dole Summit (many from (RD CDE) Paulette Lambert's Nutrition Lecture - as well as other Dole reps throughout the summit.) Visit if you have questions regarding any info. They have a vast amount of nutrition info on their site as well as in their new book The Dole Nutrition Handbook.

DISCLOSURE: Dole paid for all my expenses relating to the Dole Blogger Summit, including transportation, accommodations, meals and spa treatments.

And remember to always consult with your doctor about your own personal healthcare.

And while facts and stats can be eye-opening - they never tell the whole story.


Happy (Vegan) Thanksgving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you are cozy at home with your favorite people, prepping for a joyous vegan feast to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Send Me Pics! If you've made any of my recipes this holiday I'd love for you to send them my way (via tweet/email or post a link in the comments). I'll choose a few and post them here - with a link if you have a blog. It makes me so happy to be able to share my holiday with those of you who make my recipes and share them with your friends, families and coworkers. Big hugs to all - Happy Vegan Thanksgiving~ ...

..submit your Vegan Thanksgiving photos of my recipes and I will post them here!

You can also submit any Thanksgiving pics to

Thanks! ~K

A few of my Thanksgiving recipes made by YOU and ME!..

First, a few of My Vegan Feast Photos...

The Vegan Spread (last minute style!)...

Tahini-Curry Carrot Apple Arugula Salad...

My Traditional Sweet/Sassy Thanksgiving Day Pockets...

My Citrus Pumpkin Pie. I used my traditional Cashew Pie recipe with some extra cinnamon-citrus flavors blended in! Gingersnap crust. Tangerines rimming the pie..

Citrus Cranberry Sauce..

Currant Maple Citrus Vegan Loaf..

Spiced Nutritional Yeast Sliced Almond Quinoa..

Simple Roasted Maple-Spice Sweet Potatoes...

Simple Vegan Stuffing with whole wheat bread, currants, apples, chestnuts, veggies and roasted chopped nuts...

So that was MY vegan feast. Now check out how talented you guys are - vegan home cooks rock - and leave me grinning from ear to ear! Bravo all...

Beautiful Mini Radish Tartines - Vegan Butter & Radish Slices (based on my radish/butter crackers) by the uber-talented CestLaVegan..

Love this duo of my Cashew Vegan Pumpkin Pies by @JillianDay. Based on my recipe for vegan Pumpkin Pie. Beautiful!...

Jillian in Baltimore MD also made my Vegan Cashew Pumpkin Pie! Looks amazing. Lovely!...

Here is my Pumpkin Pie re-created beautifully to perfection by VeggieAngie..

And my stuffing and cashew pumpkin pie made for BeezelBarb's vegan feast:

Mike's awesome in-process pics of his pie-making skills from my Pumpkin Pie recipe..

And more of my pics...

Tahini Salad...

My Pie..